Real friendship

We are totally immersed in duality:

Friend – Foe. Love – Fear. Near – Far.

Freedom on the other hand, has no opposite. Neither has real friendship.

That unchanging friendliness is Love…

Don´t try to turn absence into presence, as you´ll never make it

If it´s absence, let it be absence…

If it´s pain, let it be pain.

And in due time,
Joyful Presence will imperceptibly give itself to you.


The Divine


Let the Ego fail

Your greatest despair is ego´s ultimate fulfillment.
Your Joy is ego´s greatest failure.

Nothing of big value can ever be explained. It can only be intimated.

Separation can never grasp the Whole.

Irrespective of being sometimes “right”, Reason sees whatever it wants to see…as it cannot grasp Oneness. Different points of view remain just that: points of view…

The path to Truth is the pathless Path.

Ain’t we all doomed then!…

Oh yes,
Within the narrow bounds of our “humanness” living separate lives, indeed we are.

Only when having the courage to no longer commit to any particular idea or point of view, letting go of the known, thus “losing” and abandoning ourselves completely, then we may glimpse beyond duality…

That´s our only salvation…

And this solution – this idea – coming from the doomed humanity?!

If utter “hopelessness” is still an idea…then of course, it´s just a fake solution…
Learning to die every second isn´t…

He: Fake solution…
Utter hopelessness is an option to choose. Not the only option.
We might as well continue
the way we have been, not chasing after every new fad. So many options …
What’s the proof for your idea that “dying every moment isn’t”?
Or it’s just a gamble?

Let´s put it like this:

If you were attacked by a hungry tiger, or a car was about to smash you,
do you have then “options”, or one single…namely, to fully confront the moment finding
an immediate way to deal with it?…

That single Choiceness is the utter hopelessness of facing What is. A matter of life and death.

Our hopelessness is the very fact that we don´t recognize the inherent danger of living with “choice”…We think we have “time”…- and so we irretrievably flee into choice avoiding confrontation…

We always chase some gain, even when we intend to “lose” it all… – even when we use similar words like “hopelessness”.

There is no proof.

There is no gamble either. We can gamble only at the level of “either-or”.

The cessation of “either-or” is a leap of faith.

Or un-faith.

Now knows no contrary in time or space

Yaz says:
If we can learn to exert no effort whatsoever, we will finally be free.

Inaction is the Here with no “There”…

First when one has the courage to “dwell in total inaction”, there is the chance of realizing the hardest and most paradoxical thing for man to grasp:

Nothing exists except THIS VERY SECOND. This second is beyond Duality,
beyond knowledge, beyond concept.

This second is eternally free, meaning that WE ARE FREE NOW.

We fail to understand this, as we are used to think in terms of effort.
But Effort exists as long as there is the illusion of distance, separation, of becoming…

Indeed, when the illusion of “after” or “before” is gone, we realize with awe that
The Second comprises “everything there is”, and realizing this, effort as such becomes superfluous.

We are presence without absence. WE ARE NOW, and Now knows no contrary in time or space. :)