In the utmost Encounter, there is no Support

We are urged to question and deconstruct all dogmas, if we are to find the Vivid Breath which baffles and is beyond all knowledge.

What is alive is unrepeatable

Life is the constant exception – moment by moment.

Aliveness is thus beyond knowledge. An unpredictable movement escaping definition.

Don´t look for the real answer in “the known”, unless you enjoy failing.

Only the vivid holds the right and longed for solution.

Knowledge is bondage

In its intrinsic structure Knowledge entails Authority.

Authority decides who is the one who “knows”, and who the one who “doesn´t”.
The ones who know are in power, the ones who don´t are subsequently powerless. 

Contrary to what you´ve been always told, there is no such thing as “Knowledge”.

Knowledge is ultimately Fear. A derivative of your existential Insecurity…- as to how to deal with this baffling phenomenon called Life.

Despite established norm, nothing is concluded, nothing is determined, nothing is factual or final, as Life is Imponderable Play, functioning according to unfathomable and unpredictable patterns.

Once you assume this, you dare to be Free…Free from Authority and prevalent Knowledge, free to live beyond the compulsion of “the known or the unknown”, free to find out what´s the real “What” of your true individuality.

Freedom dispels all power structures.