The Unreal is more Real than the real

The unique skill of mirroring the other

This is highly unlikely I will manage to put right words to what I want to say, but I´ll try.
Put Reason aside for a while, letting other levels in you conceive this.

To be able “to perceive” another person, one needs to have established that ineffable peace of mind which is so uncommon for our days. You need to look deep into your real nature, in order to understand and back up the other.

For most people, knowledge means their own projection transferred on one another. Knowledge entails thus, something you have learned before, something you have accumulated through experience, and as experience means often conditioning, it is rather an inappropriate tool when it comes to mirroring the other.

Most people don´t perceive rightly, but make you just a part of their projection.

True knowledge as to understanding the other, requires the almost unearthly task of letting projection die – something that common man loathes. 

At the end of the day, every person is a mystery – a puzzle. In order to solve that puzzle, you need to be free from Knowing, and rely completely on the moment´s intuition. 

Real openness means, again, to be free from any kind of knowledge, given that you´ve gone through all the stages of knowledge. Pretty paradoxical…

In plain words, to assist someone implies to dare go with the other person on a untrodden path. 

Eventually, that´s what life is about –  to unravel together the mystery of every moment..

Dig beyond reason

Our civilization is built on Reason. On a meta level, Reason is the outcome of Fear.

Intrinsically we are afraid of the Mystery of Life, and being afraid, we let Reason govern our choices and actions, it is quite obvious.


Of course, nobody will ever admit this, but if you carefully look around, no matter if rich or poor, their experience is the same – different degrees of fiasco.

Most people don´t have a clue as to who they are, as they let Logic rule their life. Nobody has ever taught them the meaning of self-discovery, of “going inside”; obviously, the only thing they know is living by Fear.


Society has gone in a wrong direction for hundreds of years, so, if you understand that, and don´t want your life to be “another brilliant flop”, you will have  the courage to launch on the Journey to your real Self.

It requires incredible strength, determination and real bravery  because you´ll be really on your own.
You will deal with Fear in its infinite guises.

Not even the ones supposed to help you – priests, psychologists, “spiritual teachers” can´t help you, cause, with few exceptions, they suffer from the same disease – Fear. They are afraid to undertake the journey, although they can use the right “spiritual” terminology. But no terminology will ever help you…

What I can say, is that if you start this journey, Life will somehow “stay beside you” – you will get the means to go through all kind of trials. Nobody knows how, but you will see along the way…

It is really up to you, of how honest you are with yourself, of your readiness to see facts. Real contentment is to be found only in Self-Realisation. If you are thirsty for real life – for the Living Source is within you -, you will have to dig with your bare hands…