Against all odds, get out of the current pattern

She says:
People around me actually don’t appreciate my voice. I won’t even mention the way my family treats me…they’re just hopeless. Sometimes, I wonder where do I even get my determination and how do I keep going. I just don’t know…

Truth-tellers are mostly not so popular…

Family, like society in general, instead of being a place to nurture self-expression
and progress, is often the place where bigotry, lies and imposture are fostered and encouraged.

They all want to safely keep you in their narrow, comfortably petty zone in order to easily control you, cause if you want to get out of the pattern into “more”, – into
what is a real dignified life – they will call you crazy, turning you right away into an outcast.

Be determined to pursue your true way despite it all, it is the ineffable sparkle of life which keeps you going.

Let it shine against all odds!

A paradigm shift within is required for change

My answer to Paul´s latest post:

The greatest mind-blowing paradox is not that we are in deep shit.

The real crisis is the average man´s resistance and refusal to admit this
impending state of things.

It happens before our eyes, yet everybody is busy to proceed with the lies and petty absurdities you well know by now…

You say:
“A paradigm shift in politics is required for change”. I say a paradigm shift is required in each and every man´s soul. A step that in all likelihood, man will not deliberately take…
Unless forced be a horrendous nature catastrophe or cataclysm of sorts, humans won´t show any readiness or interest to face this truth.
Human nature is the way it is…Cowardice. Bigotry. Sloth. Mendacity. Convenience.

People secretly like the way things are, otherwise we would witness a change right away, if all were sick and tired of the present state in whatever area of life.  But humans won´t make a move unless forced, indeed shaken, by a visible, tangible threat. As if what is happening is not enough a big of a threat. But it is not enough that you and me, and few other individuals see the state of affairs.

Unfortunately, progress happens by mistake not by deliberate will-power…

As I said before, we cannot save the world. Just save yourself first!

Each of one of us has to make the priority of establishing Peace within,
to bring order inwardly and, at best, in our very proximity. Few powerful steps
in right direction!

I trust you have the power to undergo the shift you talk about.

That´s the most pragmatic step you can take for you and the world.

We are very busy

We are really incongruous. We say we don´t have time and waste precious time in idly consuming TV shows and other crap, but when dealing with important questions no…then we are really busy.

Preferably, we live like thiefs – unwilling to assume any identity. “Someone else has to take care of  `who I am´. I am here to consume and be entertained. Responsibility is not fun, no, it is too heavy”…

We are disturbed by questions, we are disturbed by answers. We don´t want to know where we come from or where we are heading. It is more comfortable to live in inertia and chosen ignorance.

Let´s create robots to take care of our yearning! Let intelligent robots take care of our stupidity and our guilt! Let´s get all rid of the voice of our conscience.
No, conscience doesn´t pay.

Immaturity, hypocrisy and bigotry pays, this is our daily bread.

No, we don´t have time for the essential.

We have plenty of time to be shallow and idle-headed.


Fear is unspeakably boring but fussy, fear blocks any kind of thinkable self-expression.

Fear is unbearable mediocrity, bigotry and immensely limitative and inhibiting.

Fear is horrid absence, stupidity, cowardness, ugliness, anti-creativity. Fear gives itself as the only Authority – it says: “you can´t, you are not worth, I know – you don´t, shut up and endure, life is hell”.

No my friends, I will tell you, FEAR IS HELL.

IT is mental disorder, Death, the antithesis of Life. We have to start breaking through these thick and opaque walls of fear.

I cannot stand fear anymore.

For Life´s sake, let´s stop listening and totally ignore Fear´s hoarse and scabrous voice!