…- the perfect no-story-ness

Why keep living in betrayal? Aren´t you tired of hiding yourself?…

The ultimate denial of the separate self, contracting in the face of pure Emptiness.

It’s imperative to witness how you in various ways perpetuate this hiding from your Primordial Face…which leaves you with the choice of either continuing the charades, or letting the contraction uncoil altogether; like relieving you from the bewilderingly multifarious phenomena of WAVES, and opening up to the incommensurable Beauty of ONE TASTE…

The crucial question is however:

How are you perpetuating the hide an seek game right NOW???

There is a Light of which all lesser lights are pale shadows, there is a Bliss of which all lesser joys are anemic copies, there is a Consciousness of which all lesser cognitions are ludicrous reflections…

There is a primordial Sound of which all lesser sounds are thin, hollow echoes…

– Björn Kempe

Freedom – blessed distance-lessness

Whatever true and comprehensive insight suspends the Ego – that is,
the distance between subject and object.

Bliss is never the outcome of an ideal

Indeed, we have created the ideal. But now it all depends on what Ideal means to each human being. I saw ideal as a goal, as a worthwhile higher aim to strive for. This however, does not deny each and everyone´s need for more.


Truth can never be an “ideal”, that is, it can never be “relativized” – though this is what we assume all the time: “it depends on what Ideal means to each human being”.

With other words, you claim that everyone is free and has the right to imagine anything.

Escaping Life, is manifested in myriad forms and expressions, but escaping – that is,
fear – remains one and the same for all.

I am not necessarily pointing here to factual reality – man needs food, shelter, etc. – but to the psychological state of things.
This inner need “for more” is ideal – can you lucidly see this?

The yearning for “more” – that is to acquire, to accumulate knowledge or money, to be someone, to have a name, to be or not to be something – implies escaping What is. This obsessive search for safety, which itself is generated by fear, is desire seeking fulfillment. Craving for “more” is Ego in its eternal discontent.

“More” is the derivative of dissatisfaction, isn´t it quite clear?

Just ponder:

You must for sure have had moments of great fulfillment, moments in which “more”
or “less” was superfluous. You weren´t searching anymore, as you were deeply satisfied.

You were Blissful in those moments of deep contentment. For sure, Bliss is Presence, presence which is a mighty Joy, an unwavering Peace.

This presence does not belong to becoming, projection or future. Becoming and achieving in time is subterfuge, it is escaping into our own image, never the truth – the Bliss – we are talking about.

Bliss can never equate experience

Some people probably know from birth what their bliss is.
Others?… Experience tells them…

I just fell into mine through trial and error.

Good point: trial and error. It goes for me too.
The severe teacher…

I don´t trust experience though.
When experience ceases, inspiration replaces it.

What about inspiration based on experience?

Experience is always old. It entails a sum of yesterdays,
a sum of repetitions, a sum of memories…Memory creates habit,
and habit – which basically is resistance to whatever
new – leads inevitably to fear…

Utterly speaking experience is fear…

Etymologically, inspiration means Immediate influence of God,
to inhale, to breath in.

Hence, how can inspiration – which is something ever new – can
equate something inevitably old?

Forget everything!

Remember only this:

Learn to recognize love. It is not easy, as very few love in this world. But Love is your breath.
So Breath!…
Love is sparkling joy, beauty, trust, peace, equilibrium.

Where there is Love there is perfection. There is nothing to wait.
This very moment. Second by second!

Where there is not love there is doubt, choice, sorrow, pain, disturbance, suffering.
Where there is Love, there is harmony, balance, appreciation, bliss.

Learn to recognize it!

Who are you then…?

Do events create you, or are you the creator of events?

Are you a victim or the founder of your bliss?

Learn to listen

Today I bumped into this quote by Nathaniel Hawthorne:

“Reading is damn hard writing. “

Indeed, it´s not easy business to put words to life, but once you have learned to listen when Life whispers, writing is bliss.