A life spent in illusion is not worth living

And yet…
Deprive them of their illusions
and they’ll fucking kill you.

We can live an extraordinary life – if we dare reach out to each other in truth

My words are never ingratiating, and unlike many, I am not afraid to openly state the uncomfortable truth. As you may imagine, it is a truly lonely and, most of the times, thankless undertaking to express glaringly obvious things which are often politely or even fiercely rejected.

I do ask myself what´s the use of it all…- how come I don´t give up writing on this blog. But this “Inner Voice” of mine, is seemingly stronger than my rational self, and despite my soul-weariness, it asserts itself unceasingly…

Indeed, it feels unbearably lonely when the Voice is silent. I can tell you that It has saved me in the midst of unthinkable tribulations. So It simply wants me to further convey Its words to others who may need and want to hear it.

Its alleviating and even comforting impact in my own life, bears evidence of its safety bringing benevolence.

So, as it happens, Thomas Ross commented on one of my posts. His heartfelt words bears a vivid testimony that, after all, my writing not only may bring about a meaning for me, but can make a difference in someones else´s life. So inexpressibly encouraging to know!

Thank you Tom!

Here are his words:

“I am sitting in my home, listening to classic jazz – at the moment, Chet Baker – drinking a single malt, and I came here.

I was caught up by the concluding passage – “Our true home is wonder…and the knowing of this makes us safe…” In this moment, I am alone, in the ordinary sense. But as you say, we are each alone, existing in each wondrous moment – whether we are in a crowd, among friends – always just I, myself.

So many feel the terror of aloneness. But the sense of aloneness that I take from your work is nothing to fear. It is a kind of safety – although I’m not sure I would use that word – of course, what matter? the word. What matters is the willingness to step off the cliff. To turn away from all the false conceptions and the striving that each such conception triggers.

As I’ve told you before, you seem incapable of saying an ordinary thing about anything, which of course is one of the reasons I stop by. But perhaps the bigger reason is the hard-to-explain sense that amidst all the self-help bloggers and the love/human connection disciples, you stand as one who feels a truly deep sense of connection to others, that you just won’t give up trying to express what you know we don’t want to hear.”

Pursuit creates distance between you and the thing you “pursue”

I think it’s the pursuit that screws up happiness
(James Hillman)

“Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

1. the action of following or pursuing someone or something.

synonyms: striving toward, quest after/for, search for;  aim, goal, objective, dream “the pursuit of profit”

More: occupation, trade, vocation, business, work, job, employment “a worthwhile pursuit”

Why make abstruse either the pursuit or happiness? Are you not in pursuit of something when you blog? Is blogging ‘a number of hits game’, like a high school popularity contest?

Happiness is not abstruse. The pursuit is.

Blogging and happiness…- let´s see:

Even if it appears so, I don´t “blog”. I just feel an intense and urgent need to express certain things which have nothing to do with pastime, recreation, business or trade.

It´s been actually many times more a matter of necessity, than a “pursuit”. The pursuit, if that can be called as such, was to keep alive – no more, no less. Is necessity happiness…or happiness a necessity?…I don´t know exactly.

Maybe the latter – it is necessary to be happy :)

Along with it, It is necessary to express ourselves.

Happiness is expression, and wanting to express yourself is no
pursuit – but a spontaneous act.

You are nothing without the other

He had the courage of putting it plainly:

“To me a lot of blogs are boring. Full of daily life events”

For sure, full of daily events which benefit no one, I would add.

I wholly agree with him, I can hardly read most blogs – you are overwhelmed
by futile, vain and narcissistic, grandiloquent babbling.

Blogging to many is some kind of mental masturbation.

Obviously, this is the thing today, everybody has an urge of masturbating publicly.

Quoting him further:

“My goal is to one day be a Free Range Human. The goal would be more feasible with some collaboration with other bloggers. The power in numbers is extraordinary.”

Togetherness…Fruitful cocreation.

Since I started this blog two years ago, I have tried – seemingly in vain – to stress the importance of True Collaboration, but obviously, I speak to deaf years. Everybody is running his own race, failing to recognize the importance of reciprocal inspiration.

Nonsensical chattering seems to be the only motivation.

Aspiring for a commonly shared goal interests no one.

Most people are totally estranged from one another, as if their stupid
single-mindedness and petty pursuit should be the center of the Universe. 

Other than very few individuals, no one is really interested to partake in something universally valid, that eventually would increase their happiness and well-being as well.

That is the thing: 


There is no answer to get unless you asked in advance


Sometimes I wonder about what I put out on these “blogs” – but then I end up trusting that the right ones will find what is for them – the others will pass by unaware…


I was thinking about this earlier tonight:

There is no answer for the one who doesn´t ask.
The ones who “see”, are the ones who DARE to pose (appropriate) questions, and these
are the people we write and eagerly address to…

I take it again: unless you question there is no answer to get…

The questionless will pass unaware…

Commenting a blogger´s post

“If you wish for light” is a post by 4allreligion.wordpress.com where he quotes Rabindranath Tagore:

“Everything comes to us that belongs to us if we create the capacity to receive it”

I have pondered a lot as to what “the capacity to receive it” entails…
I thought I was “ready” to receive them long ago, but certain things I have craved for a long time start to happen first now…

Is it me opening my inner windows? Whose merit is that really?… Is it me, or just Fate´s whim…?

I wouldn´t know…Would you…?

Melissa´s comment of my post


Thanks, that is an excellent addition – best laugh I have had all day. Lots of people always say to me stay busy as if it’s such a good thing like a type of therapy or the key to living, but to me it has always seemed that busy is just an excuse of sorts or a distraction, maybe another way of saying I don’t have time for you because I choose not to make time for you even…………But people get offended if you suggest this being the case, nice to know there is someone with a similar view as I have always felt so odd.

My reply:

Of course people get offended – it is hard to be reminded of how recklessly disinterested in others they are, of how shamelessly self-absorbed and narrow-minded they´ve become.

An answer to Bex

It appears to me that certain so-called bloggers are the light bearers of today.
Many bloggers dare to speak about realities we don´t find in books or elsewhere.

I mentioned that I live in Sweden. I can´t understand how people here
have given up their own life, indulging in ferocious conformity – mainstream is the only virtue…It is terrible, cause as I wrote in a post yesterday, expression has become a fearsome threat, expression is anarchic. Art and emotion are totally relegated from real life.

it is very lonely in this Wasteland – whatever heartfelt truth you say is considered “too much”. To live a real life today is highly risky, it is disturbing for most of the people here. Secretly they envy and look up to you, on the other hand you are a menace to be done away with. COWARDICE FINDS GREAT EMOTION VERY OFFENSIVE. I know what I talk about, I have innumerable examples. It sounds maybe preposterous, but I kind of feel like one of the last dissidents for human dignity.

Therefore, to find like-minded is really a blessing – to feel that you are heard speaking the same language, that you share a real experience, that you have some kind of feed-back to your yearning, yes, to your being alive.

Thanks God WordPress exists. Cause it is here I have found some real and sane people.

Your word makes the difference

Isn´t it funny…? I just got notified that I had one thousand “likes” of this blog. Well…of course I am glad that whatever I write is appreciated and has a – hopefully – positive impact after all.

Yet…I wonder:  do all these “likes” mean anything really? Do they create any real force and energy to motivate and inspire me further in this adventure of writing?…Hopefully they do…or not… – I don´t know really.

I know for sure and I repeat that the dialogues that were created by the comments, have been enormously valuable and forward-pointing.

Yes, through our readiness to exchange ideas, we can create whirls of powerful and blessed energy.”In the beginning was the Word”, says Matthew, which means that Word is a powerful tool. Through the words of our yearning to reach each other, we can create together a New Magic Reality – a “new” awareness governed by beauty, meaning and value. Through this new frequency we can re-define our perception, we can give a New Name to everything around us. Utopia?…maybe…or maybe not.

WE ALL NEED A NEW CONTEXT OF JOY AND LOVE! Participation is the key word, vivid interest to one another.

The second step for us – as a Swedish friend pointed out – is co-creation. I so much look forward to that.

To awake together. To create together!

My 1000th post – another prefix, another frequency…

I intended initially to have a blank post. I will only say this: