Trust your intuition

A book or a text, has to strike me from the very first line.

If it doesn´t catch my interest in – say – , a paragraph, I put aside. If a text is alive, you can sense that from the first sentence. It grabs your attention, it urges and engages you.

Thinking that something “gets better” with time, is simply self-delusion. It is the opposite, I´m afraid: with time, it gets worse and worse. That applies both to people and books.

There are millions of books that take you nowhere. Not even 10 lifetimes are enough to read the “intelligent” crap written. Indeed, there are so many books or people I could have done without, had I known to trust my gut feeling.

Now, I hopefully know…I still make huge mistakes. Of one thing I am sure though:

The right book, – like the good companion – makes you flourish, makes you grow, makes you more alive.

You will for sure, make plenty of mistakes, but learn to trust your intuition here and now!

BE AWAKE, be vigilant!  Don´t waste your time with things or people who don´t create a positive impact right away.