Reality never lends itself to words

Every single word is a lie.
Including these ones…

Beyond opinion or whim

If your words are to “outlive” you, they have to be poignant, passionately coherent,
seizing and personal, yet dispassionately impersonal and far-reaching,
and above all,
they have to convey Truth beyond opinion or whim.

A word to Joakim

Do not give away your memories. Keep them to yourself!

How do you recognize a good book?

There are innumerable “good” books which bring no real benefit.

Whenever I read something I look for the perfume in between the words. If I don´t detect the indefinable flavour, I put it aside at once.
A good book or text, appeals to me beyond its words – it exudes a magic energy.

Thus, if something is real, it will seize me right from the first page. I have no time nor patience for languorous words without strong essence.

There is nothing to wait.

Like every good thing, a good book will enthrall you from the very beginning.

Just once

We changed few words. I found out she was 17.

 – Do you ever read any books? I asked her curiously.
– Only when I am abroad, she answered rather disturbed and embarrassed.
– So how many times have you been abroad?
– Just once…

A great quote by Hemingway

It´s not the moment to consider what you don´t have.

Think about what you can do with what you´ve got already.

To make it short…

Poetry is not “serious” business, it is not a clear goal to reach. Beauty and wisdom cannot be bought. Love cannot be purchased. The priceless doesn´t have a price.

Trust your intuition

A book or a text, has to strike me from the very first line.

If it doesn´t catch my interest in – say – , a paragraph, I put aside. If a text is alive, you can sense that from the first sentence. It grabs your attention, it urges and engages you.

Thinking that something “gets better” with time, is simply self-delusion. It is the opposite, I´m afraid: with time, it gets worse and worse. That applies both to people and books.

There are millions of books that take you nowhere. Not even 10 lifetimes are enough to read the “intelligent” crap written. Indeed, there are so many books or people I could have done without, had I known to trust my gut feeling.

Now, I hopefully know…I still make huge mistakes. Of one thing I am sure though:

The right book, – like the good companion – makes you flourish, makes you grow, makes you more alive.

You will for sure, make plenty of mistakes, but learn to trust your intuition here and now!

BE AWAKE, be vigilant!  Don´t waste your time with things or people who don´t create a positive impact right away.

What do we see?

People only see what they are prepared to see.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Zen and the Mirror of All Encounters

Zen fools around with “language”  Do not take literally each word.  You really have to take the words you read apart, turn them upside down and inside out…that is Zen Mind.

Zen clears the mind of division.  IT tells us to look at everything and anything, including people, the actions of people as a dream…a delusion.  There is no inside or outside.  Inside and outside are part of the One.  Zen works a lot with deciphering language and feeling present moment as it is.  When we do not talk we can discern more clearly our self deceptions.  Who is the ONE watching?

It is the Universal One looking at itself.  Let us say it is the Mirror of All Encounters 🙂