Quite a meaningful reminder

You can spend not one, but ten lifetimes looking for yourself trying to reach fulfillment outwardly. The only thing you will find will be but more boredom, disappointment and futility.

We have time to get bored, but we hardly have any time over for understanding ourselves

Absence is our abode

If I am to sum up the whole problem of this age in a single word,
that word would be ABSENCE.

Absence of a presence – as someone very well put it.

Absence is the suspension of any conceivable Value,
as Value resides in Presence.

Crassly speaking, Nothing Real is being created today,
as Presence is simply a word in the dictionary;
we have no idea any longer what it entails.

Wherever you go,
you sense this corrosive state of non-existence with all its derivatives:

Boredom, lethargy, cynicism, greed, theft, moral shortage,
dissimulation, sloth, futility and loneliness.

A dialogue about time and boredom

Her question:

“But then why, for someone who is bored, time seems to go slower and for someone who has fun, time flies away. Isn’t then time relative?”

My answer:

Are you bored…? And if you are, have you wondered why?…

What is boredom really? I am not speaking of that boredom of attending a tedious lecture or listening to prosaic classical music or studying a meaningless book…I AM SPEAKING ABOUT BOREDOM AS AN INNER CONDITIONING.
Can we look into that with a fresh and unbiased attitude?

“I am having fun” is the other side of “I am bored”. “I am having fun” and “I am bored” go hand in hand. The mind is in a perpetual state of agitation between different harsh or subtle nuances of these two extremes.

Thus, boredom is mind trying to have fun basically…It is this time-creating MIND getting stuck in the pursuit of pleasure – mind perpetually falling victim to its own projection and conditioning.

If you get what I say, becoming lucidly aware of this mechanism without any constraint or effort to understand, you might “get rid” of boredom forever.