We…in everyone

There we were. The four of us, together.

We let each other in each other´s moment, in each other’s yearning. Without fear, without thought, with no reflection.
We were silent. What delightful wonder. We let the dormant whiff of trust embrace us.

Who was who? Who became who?

Yes, that was nearness, but a glorious estrangement at the same time. We were close, but far from each other, both here and nowhere.
Oh, what I have dreamed about this, about feeling that ineffable rest not only in myself but with others. Now it happened.
This so vibrant and permissive silence, this so beneficient presence in which we all became one body.

Yes, we became even more ourselves, feeling taken care by both this enigmatic presence, and by this sweet alienation. The secret Face was mirroring us.

We were we in everyone .

Everyone was We …