May I live at the empty radiant heart of Paradox

What does Rumi mean by a heart of paradox? Accepting, wholeheartedly the paradoxes of life?

Unless we understand the seemingly illogical – which is a hell for the Western mind conditioned by “either-or”-, we have no chance of directly getting at this…

“If I was to choose between a truth and a paradox, I would most decidedly choose the paradox”. (M.Eliade)

We know by now that everything follows the trajectory of no trajectory, meaning that nothing follows a predetermined pattern…Everything is thus a divine play between paradoxes – Lila, in Sanscrit. So, it´s about embracing the paradoxes, but at the same time living beyond them into the core of things…- that is, in radiant emptiness, which is the void – Sunyata – as the Buddhists call it. The big dilemma is that we can´t know the Void directly, unless the Mind has been consumed and “torn apart” in the contradiction of the paradoxes…

The holy in-between…

The Buddha with no name

Being a devoted Buddhist means denying your natural human instincts and desires

I am no Buddhist, but if you let yourself believe that Buddhism is about “denying your natural human instincts and desires” is a total misconception.
It´s most likely the fault of many deluded minds calling themselves “Buddhists”, who have promulgated this stupid misunderstanding.

Buddhism is not about denial. It´s about questioning the world of our senses, pointing to a Reality which is ever-present yet beyond time, thought and duality.

The essence of Buddhism – or for that matter, the essence of any true religion – is not to be found in Sutras, Bibles, or God knows what other holy books.

Reality doesn´t lend itself to words…It has nothing to do with Reason, it´s more a kind of feeling-less feeling…;)
Of course, my words may sound totally unsubstantiated, unless you experience it for yourself. It´s a hell of a work, or un-work…

Very few ever know it, if any…

Is there a way to It?…

Although I’m rather suspicious concerning Osho I like his saying:

“You have to create your own path to your own temple.”

You are right to be suspicious about Osho. He was a big trickster.

The thing is that

Unless we learn to “think paradoxically” we don´t get the Truth.

The Path is neither personal nor impersonal – and at the same time it is both.

So how can something which is not “personal” be turned into “my own”…?

As long as you state “this is mine” you create differentiation, that is, conflict.

The path is nameless, the temple exists and exists not.

So is there a way to something which has no existence?…

In constantly seeking to actualize your ideal, you will have no time for composure

– Shunryu Suzuki-roshi

Freedom from views

“All views are wrong views. When you get in touch with reality, you no longer have views.
You have wisdom. You have a direct encounter with reality, and that is no longer called views.”

– Thich Nhat Hanh

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Who is writing and who is not?

Says seeingwhatis

“Life” is a concept.
We were never born.
We die like wind and live like water.
Our life is the eternal play of form…


There is this Zen story:

The disciple tells the master ” I do not exist”.
In that very second the master harshly punches
the young man in the face asking him:

Is this punch real or not…?

So I ask you now:

Who is writing these words and who is not…?

Who understands them?…



Why not…?

Stop trying to be someone – just be yourself for a change

Everyone tries hard to be someone. If I am so self-important, someone else wants also to be important, so obviously everything becomes a constant conflict. Yes, the same goes for conflict between families, casts, groups of interest, nations – in short, everything in this life is a constant series of struggles and conflicts between different people who want to be someone empowered by a certain belief.

If I have a certain viewpoint, whenever I stubbornly hold to my ideology – be it Christianity, Buddhism, Marxism, Atheism, Freud, Jung or whatever -, this will enhance my ego and surely create conflict with another person holding another ideology.

In our present world, my belief is your threat. Your belief creates walls around you so I can´t reach you. Can you recognize and honestly question this?…Can you see that whatever “belief” is the very ground for arguments, fights and wars…?

Can you see that your avid attempt to find “your way” is often nothing more than vain conflictuality?

Whenever you work hardly to be “someone” you stress your belief, you create disharmony, imbalance, violence…Whenever you create something out of personal interest, “something else” will be the other´s answer to you.

You are always a threat for me, and me to you, as long as I hold to “mine” and you to “yours”.

Your specific way in life is given, but you cannot look for it, it´s nothing you can deliberately find. Searching creates isolation and violence. Only when you cease “trying to be” and instead, peacefully know yourself in harmony, in relation – that is, in swift  tacit accord with the other -, then and only then, you will find “your real way”.

It is the natural non conflictual way, something that is both your and the other´s gain.

Do I believe in something?…I like Christ, Buddha, Homer, Scriabin, Rembrandt, Rilke, Kandinsky and many others, but I don´t believe in any of them.

I used to be a Julien-ist but I have given up that too 🙂