Can we outwit Fate?

I just bumped into this worth-considering quote:

“The purpose of a storyteller is not to tell you how to think, but to give you
questions to think upon”, says Brandon Sanderson.

I am never raising or posing questions for the sake of idly playing with ideas.
Every moment and word is too precious.
Who needs futile ruminating…?

Questions are indeed vital. They are real insofar as they create a powerful impact,
a tool to create a wider and different perspective. Raising the right questions
is a challenge to change and grow. An invitation to look at things differently,
with a more inquisitive and attentive frame of mind.

So here are some worth-asking questions:

Is there such thing as Fate? If there is, can we “outwit” it?
Are we the victims or the creators of our Destiny?

Who are you really?…WHO ARE YOU?

Are you your own, or other people´s dream?
Do you still find it comfortable to go on committing to
other people´s plans for you just because you are afraid of yours…?
Are you just a random “someone” in some “important” people´s agenda?
Why have you given up so easily on your dreams?What´s this perfidious gain
to demean yourself? What´s in it for you really…?

So what works and what doesn´t? Do you want things to work? Are you disposed
to find out or you still hold the false belief that things are going to be better
some time in the future…? Why certain things bring benefit and other don´t?

Why are you lethargic and tired most of the times…? Are you prepared to look
into that and find out What gives you Real Energy?

What are you prepared to give in order to get what you want…?

WHY ARE YOU AFRAID?…Who do you fear really…?

Are you prepared to be the master of your Life…?
Do you want to be happy or are you afraid of Happiness and real Success…?

Do these questions feel relevant? If yes, let´s discuss them.