What is the problem behind every problem?


A real question is not supposed to keep you bound into the realm of logic – of cause and effect – but to indeed untangle you from that false interplay
of Cause and Effect.  

A thought-provoking question

Why are we constantly avoiding to go beyond effect into the real Cause of things?

We´re always stuck in the problematic of the symptom, as if symptoms come from nowhere. We deliberately ignore common sense, going from symptom to another symptom, refusing to come to grips with reality, abhorring to go down to the core of things.

Is this attitude basically lack of comprehensive intelligence or is it a combination of insidious cowardice and laziness?…

We invariably overlook the fact that everything is intertwined, that nothing exists per se, that every person is a history, yes, that everything and everybody is a link in a far-reaching chain.

How can we be so narrow-minded and shortsighted?

We see the same myopic attitude in modern medicine, in our education system, indeed, in every level of societal life.

Isolation is our virtue, fragmentation is the appalling answer we give to life. We fear to see things in an overarching perspective, as that would imply a broad sense of responsibility and solidarity. We loathe solidarity, as solidarity means we are part of the same story, we are all equal, all worth love – but let´s face it, intrinsically, we don´t want to love, we want to be special, we want to hold to our comfortable lies.

Trying to find out and come to terms with Cause is to give up lies and find out our real Story.

So ultimately, the question is, do we want to continue to be isolated and special, remaining in the blurring zone of effect and never-ending symptom, or do we want to break the illusion of fragmentation and thus find out The Real Cause, who we really are?

Back to One

Everything is cause and effect. The effect has a thousand faces, the cause is One.

Cause and effect

The problem is that most of us can not see the relation between cause and effect. The effects are uncountable, the Cause is ultimately, One. We are afraid to see things in relation to each other.
We are afraid to find out the cause. God knows what we may find…