Change something through a new awareness

It is absolutely vital to understand that if we stay with our frustrations and fears of the past, the future will reiterate the same patterns,  and inevitably we will encounter the same traumas on and on in different disguises.

If we want to have a different future, IT IS IMPERATIVE TO CHANGE SOMETHING NOW, with other words, our tool is this very moment, to choose a new perspective now.

Obviously, the more you try to find a solution, all the more you reinforce and get stuck in the problem – certain things from the past cannot be “solved”. Mind has created this problems, and the mind cannot work upon itself.

Changes therefore, can only be done in a state of new awareness. Raising to a new level of perception, you will realize with amazement that there are no problems to solve anymore.

THE MIND IS THE PROBLEM MAKER. It exists and perpetuates itself in linearity, that is, in time.

On a  meta level, the only existing time is this Timeless Now.

Letting go of “time”, you let go of your mind, you let go of your problems. Being free, you will find the natural pulse of “here and now”. Only in this pulse you are real.

Gradually you realize that “future” can be just a happy sequence of “here and nows”.