Forget the ideal, and be aware of what you are

Like most people, you have ideals, have you not?

And the ideal is not real, not factual; it is what should be, it is something in the future.

Now, what I say is this: forget the ideal, and be aware of what you are. Do not pursue what should be, but understand what is. The understanding of what you actually are is far more important than the pursuit of what you should be.


Because, in understanding what you are, there begins a spontaneous process of transformation; whereas, in becoming what you think you should be, there is no
change at all, but only a continuation of the same old thing in a different form.

– Krishnamurti

Let´s face it

They all speak of the necessity to change, but no one is really
interested to change, other than indulging in some nonsensical
verbal artifice. 

Being awake negates the ego, and the ego will pre-emptively,
either in an individual or collectively, fight every attempt to
become awake – that is, to change.

The sky within us

atlanticcus says:
We are here to learn how to find that sky inside of us. But also outside of us. There is a lot of beauty but yes also a lot of bad things. But we are here to change it, I think. It takes loads of effort. People think that we live only to have a hedonistic lives. But they don’t get it. To live is a hard work. This is our school. We are born to change. Not to stay the same and party all the time. That is a waste of life. That´s why illnesses and bad karma catches people one day otherwise they would never change.”

The sky within is always present. Sadly, we were taught to not know this…
We are tributary to our self-imposed game of seek-and-find.

I think we are here to let go of this erroneous postulate of having to find what is
unquestionably already within us.

Consequently, there is nothing and no one to change. Not even yourself.

Strife and Effort must stop if we are to allow this insight.

Hedonism is ignorance which directly derives from fear of loss.
Hedonism is thus escape from knowing WHO we really are.

Only Ego is “hard work”. Karma is ego too, ultimately.

Once we know who we are, Life becomes SWIFT work.

And where there is True Learning, who needs schools?

Who wants to change and why?

Rumi says:

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.
Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”

This, for sure, sounds enchantingly true. Hope mr Rumi doesn´t take offense
as I would like to add:

“Now I am even more astute, so I neither want to change the world,
nor myself.”

At the end of the day, what does this “changing myself” really entails?
Who wants to change and why?…

What authority within oneself claims to “change itself”?…
Change from what to what…?

It is so redundant …- how can we ever change, when Change is all there is…?

Indeed, instead of trying to change ourselves or the world, we should rather
go along with Change.

So the only viable question is:

Am I resisting or go with the constant flow of change?

Joakim´s commenting whether Change is possible

Deliberate change is not possible.

Where there is a wish, it will not be fulfilled.

You have to actually be the change itself.
Being the change means not being you.

But the change will not have a direction if you don’t direct it. So the change will actually not be a change, but just a happening, an expression of the actual state of the existing (what is).

So you can be that change by seeing what is, but you can never actually become
“what is” by choice, though it may appear like that to you or to others.
The action or happening comes before the thought, but the mind always claims credit for every thought or action with some potential value.
By this I mean that if you think you can change things the way you want them to, this change has probably already started to take place.

So, in this way… the law of attraction works, but not as an effect of any action or thought deliberately made by any self.
There are no deliberate thoughts actually. I think we pay too much attention to our attention, our being “aware” is never equal to “what is”, but merely “one illusion at a time”…

Is “Change” possible?

“Change” is a very tricky word.

There have been written tones of books on The Law of Attraction.

The question is though:

Are we the vicitims of Fate, or can we bring about A REAL CHANGE
through deliberate focus?

Can we discuss this together?

It is bad with the bad but the good is too big of a trouble

reikiheidi says;

It’s more comfortable to be in familiar misery, than change our/your/their ways and risk happiness.
Why? Over and over again – why do we fear change, change that can lead to new horizons and new emotions?
I wonder….


That´s exactly what I wanted to say, but you managed to put right words to:

“It’s more comfortable to be in familiar misery than change our ways and risk happiness”

I meet fairly decent and reasonable people, gifted and hardworking and yet very unhappy in their personal relations.
It´s pointless to try to help or awaken them –  they invoke change, but only as a verbal escape.
They complain about being miserable, but at the same time, wouldn´t go away from that dead relation, in spite of making each other´s life a hell. You observe with greatest awe that they like being unhappy – they kind of secretly enjoy to suffer.


I admit I have a hard time sometimes to understand or respect people who want to remain miserable.

It is a terrible saying in Romanian, which seems to be the valid truth for many:

“It is bad with the bad, but it´s worse without the bad.”
Absolutely horrendous…

This is the tacit message:

“The Good, poses to many questions. Too damn difficult…
Remaining a loser at least, gives me the guarantee of being like everybody else.
I know what I have. It is too lonely to risk happiness, new emotions and undergo a real change.”

As to Why it is like this, I have no real answer – other than seemingly, man appears to be
insane. And diseased.

His disease being his cowardice and unwillingness to grow.

Switch perspective

Change is not wishful thinking, real change is your readiness to change.

A new passion for Life


The challenges that we face today are huge. We need an incredible amount of energy to find solutions to our present rather disturbing predicament. These solutions can no longer be the reiteration of our common outgrown experience – stubbornly reinforcing the old societal models can bring us unimaginable calamity.

These solutions consequently, have to be the outgrowth of something totally new,
alive and encompassing – a “new force” which can awaken and enable us to see clearly the questions Life poses on us NOW.

We need this renewed Energy and vitality, to make the required changes for a further step, both individually and collectively. A New Breath, helping us deconstruct the old paradigm.

Only a new passion and enhanced comprehension will show us the way to A NEW LIFE, to a new sustainable way of living.

A great opportunity awaits us. Let´s embrace this Change !

A comment to Paul about Change

“The world fails more than it works.” you say.

I agree on that – failing has become our legacy and virtue…yet I wonder:

Can you “make” your own life work more than it fails…? Can you realize your real potential albeit the depressing and revolting general state of things? Cause in my question lies the Solution and Change everybody is looking for outwardly…

I said it earlier – you are a sum of All there is and the sum is you. When you bring about a real improvement within you, the whole Sum will instantly know and benefit from this. This entails that you heed my words now:

We can spend a lifetime whining about the world – we are indeed entitled to do this, but you know…ultimately it makes no difference to utter the “Present Truth”. Constantly considering the unpleasant deprives us of all our energy. We kind of get stuck into “present reality”. We simply have to make a mind switch changing our focus – from obsessively concentrating on the problem, to gradually giving all our unreserved attention to Solution.

The difference comes as each and everyone becomes a living example of how we want to live. We have to bring about a Sustainable Solution inside of us, in our present life – NOW…With other words, YOU AND ME HAVE TO INVENT ANOTHER “TRUTH”…We have to bring forth “another reality”…That´s kind of why are we here…Not at all easy, but we once took deliberately this challenge.

My best “advise” to you (and to myself too) is to come to grips with What Is the Real You. It is imperative to take the step into healing and bring soothing calm and joy into our life. Understand that you are the world, and again, when you improve, the world improves.