To choose is hell

To not choose isn’t less hell.

You can follow your genuine intention, or the default plan of your ego-mind

It is clear that the Egotic Mind operates through time and thinking.

Although I have this very clear, I am still caught in this Ego drama, it still has me in its grip.

My real sense if I-ness as it were, can only partially release itself from this inertial energy.
Whatever I do, I encounter this conditioning in innumerable guises.

It seems almost an inhumanly impossible task to arrest these insidious energies.

Is there a way though to subdue this insidious entity, and have it obey you and not

Sometimes I “manage”, – in the sense that all of a sudden I am set free, yet not knowing how it happened – while as I try to consciously free myself from it, I totally fail.

There seems to be no method, as whatever method reinforces the ego´s cursed agenda.

Perhaps there is no method. Yet there is choice, focus and intentional action. If you see and allow it  to be “impossible” then your limiting belief will merely reinforce and keep it as such.

When you make whatever choice, it´s very hard to differentiate whether the ego-mind is in charge, or your “true” voice. How do you know which one talks within you…?

What I meant with “impossible” is the senselessness of trying to challenge the ego-mind directly. In a direct confrontation, It will invariably win, as this entity is incredibly cunning and disposes over an incredible arsenal of psychological setbacks.

I guess Krishnamurti puts it very well: you have to learn to heed everything with a very alert, yet, passive attention.

Not always an easy task…

Why not choose healing rather than desolation?

Why not choose what makes life more livable? Why not choose to see yourself as embedded in a living, feeling universe, one that’s aware in its deepest layers, rather than a dead mass of sand?

If you insist that you must make the “logical” choice and remain true to facts regardless of emotional cost, ask yourself these questions: Can you be sure your logic is correct? Are the facts open to alternate interpretation? Besides, what makes you believe logic the most reliable tool?
Is the mind always wiser than the heart?

(Quoted from

A word to Andrea

Are you fully aware of your choices?…

Do you consciously act or your fears are choosing for you?…

First when doing away with fear, can you act beyond choice.

Failing is mostly taken for success

For most people failing is the greatest success.

So many are irreversibly caught in formidable self-deceit. They persistently
claim to be well and thrive, yet you can evidently witness how they headlong are rushing
downwards to perdition.

You try to warn them. One, two, ten times… – they wouldn´t hear.
Not only that they bluntly refuse, but often pompously play superior, poke fun at you,
turning your words into derision. So you give up, leaving them to their destiny.

It doesn´t take long before you hear that some of these people, either are involved in a terrible car accident, fall ill in a life-threatening disease, commit suicide or die in totally unforeseen circumstances.

I am aware that it is baffling, but the underlying reason behind these people´s misfortunes
It feels that many of them unconsciously wanted to die. I have many examples, but what it comes to my mind now is the death of a good friend of mine, incredibly skilled musician, who passed away some months ago, only 34 years old. I found it very difficult to write about him at that time, but I will do so with another occasion.

Anyhow, I have understood that despite claiming otherwise, surprisingly many people
don´t really want to live, finding reasons to eschew themselves, ultimately undermining their lives.

The thing is, however, that eventually you can help only those ones who expressly ask for help.
With the others you waste your time trying to back or help them. It is pointlessly draining you of your life-force too.

Their chosen destiny seems to be total failing and disaster, and you have no other choice than letting them tread this fateful way to utter downfall.