Paradise is the state of being re-membered

Here are some excerpts from a post by Michael Marsh. I find his words inexpressibly moving. In fact, I have rarely read something so meaningful and well-formulated.

“We all know what it is like to be remembered and we know what it is like to be forgotten. Think of a time you were remembered, what happened, how it felt. Maybe it was a phone call, a letter, a visit, a gift, a simple word. Maybe it was a surprise or maybe it was what you were hoping for. Maybe it was as seemingly simple as someone recognizing you, looking you in the eyes, and calling you by name. Regardless of what it was or how it came about it brought you some sense of life, healing, and wholeness. We all want to be remembered. It means that we matter, we belong, we exist, and our life is real. When we are remembered someone else bears witness to all those things.

There is life, presence, and relationship in being remembered. We know how important remembering is. That’s why a couple of weeks ago, we remembered by name those we love and who love us, those who are forever a part of us and our lives, those who have nurtured, cared for, and taught us. When we are remembered it is as if our life is being put back together, because it is. That is exactly what is happening. We are being made whole. Despite the scattered pieces of our lives, things done and left undone, in the moment of being remembered we are seen, recognized, and known by name. We are alive. We are remembered.

Compare that with a time when you were forgotten. What did that feel like? Have you ever sat in a restaurant waiting for someone who did not show up? How about that person that looks at you, begins to speak, and you realize they have no idea who you are or what your name is? Maybe someone forgot your birthday, or the anniversary of your wedding or the death of a loved one. In those moments we feel alone, abandoned, uncertain, afraid, wounded, maybe even angry. There is a sense of helplessness. Questions and doubts arise within us. We are no longer sure of our place and whether we even belong. Regardless of why or how it comes about there is hurt, separation and isolation, a dismembering of the relationship and our life.

I am not talking about the usual understanding of remembering and forgetting as a mental activity. I’m speaking of re-membering in the sense of joining the pieces together, putting the parts back again as one. The opposite of re-membering is dis-membering; separation, pulling apart, tearing limb from limb.

Sometimes, however, we don’t even recognize our own dis-membering. People want to escape their lives rather than have them put back together in a way they could never imagine.

Our cry to be re-membered is also a recognition and confession of our dis-memberment. We have been dis-membered. Pieces have been scattered and lost. Sometimes it happens through the circumstances of life; loss and grief, shattered dreams, disappointment, regret, failures, the death of a loved one. Other times it comes about through our actions, our words, even our thoughts. Our life becomes fragmented and broken. When that happens we can easily become thieves. We take what is not ours. We dis-member others’ lives in an attempt to put our own back together.

Godless Science and Organized Religion have crushed man´s soul

I am, what may be considered, a mystic.

If you are not acquainted with what mysticism is about, a mystic is essentially a person who has a direct understanding beyond the normally man-invented religions. Mysticism is the conscious awareness of the ultimate reality, divinity, or God, through direct experience, intuition, instinct or insight.

I was raised in the Christian Orthodox faith. But I don´t take this or any other creed for granted. I question every religious allegiance.

I definitely don´t ascribe any meaning to any dogma – the exoteric sense of every religion
is to me totally futile.

Now…I have pondered deeply over all these years.

I believe in Christ but not in Christianity. Intuitively I would totally discard this faith if it wasn´t for certain mystics like Meister Eckhart, Teresa of Avila or John of the Cross.

I am rather intimate with their writings and have found
meaningful answers in their words.

But throughout all these years, in the worst moments of crisis, none of them have been
of any real avail.
I had to face darkness on my own. The Christian precepts couldn´t save me. Only Zen, and above all Krishnamurti, have been my trustworthy companions in this dark night of the soul which – imagine – has been going on since I was 21.

First now, at 50, I am slowly coming out of it.

However, when I think of the Cathedral in Chartres, or, for that matter, other magnificent achievements in art or music in Europe ever since, I cannot possibly dismiss the very fact that the great spiritual legacy of Europe has directly derived from the Christian faith.

Undeniably, Europe and its culture is directly connected with Christianity.

Yet Christianity – I mean the very breath of it – is dead. Had it been alive, I wouldn´t have encountered this harsh darkness in my soul all these years.

Despite living in the “modern world”, never renouncing it, I somehow lived like a recluse, and God knows how I made it through. As I said, there was no one there to guide me.

Now, Faith is nothing you word about. It is a vivid breath, an ineffable emanation of sorts.
A presence…

And here I come to what I want to point out:

I saw this documentary about a Russian woman living by herself in the wilderness of Siberia. It is overwhelming: her simplicity, her strength and endurance, her otherworldly smile, depth and wisdom…Really, it was staggering, I have never somehow seen this kind of Light anywhere…except maybe in certain paintings of the grand masters.

To quote her: “The godless science which has crushed man´s soul“…

She is a vivid evidence that Christianity, beyond its dogmatic flaws, is not
some kind of superstitious concoct, but something very “real”.

And it is here that I come to bluntly disagree with Krishnamurti who claims that man has invented churches, rituals and gods, as being nonsense.

The deep essence of Christianity is indeed no figment of some deluded minds, even if,
more often than not, it appears to be that way.

The most difficult task is to dig so deep back to the sources, into its primordial “breath” without turning into a hermit.
Living in the world, but not being of this world… – inhumanly precarious predicament.


For the ones interested to watch the documentary:

Says C. G. Jung

“That I feed the hungry, that I forgive an insult, that I love my enemy in the name of Christ – all these are undoubtedly great virtues. What I do unto the least of my brethren, that I do unto Christ.

But what if I should discover that the least among them all, the poorest of all the beggars, the most imprudent of all offenders, the very enemy himself – that these are within me, and that I myself stand in need of the alms of my kindness – that I MYSELF AM THE ENEMY WHO MUST BE LOVED – what then…?”

Jane´s great response to my post “A dream comes true”

Surrendering to “what is,” allows us to experience a bit of magic! We wait, we wait for something to happen and it doesn’t. We experience despair, and the darkness is lifted out of nowhere.

“The privelege of a lifetime is being who you are
The goal of the hero trip down to the jewel point
is to find those levels in the psyche that open, open, open
and finally open to the mystery of your Self being Buddha consciousness or the Christ.
That is the journey.” Joseph Campbell

All of us here, who have gathered together in intersecting time and space never planned it. We met in traceless beginningless time to inquire. We are taking the journey with Julien and ourselves to reflect on the art of living a life of value, trying to discern what relationship to ourselves and the world means. We are in a laboratory of sorts – a blogging “incubator” examining, testing, checking and re checking, tossing out useless conditioned experiences, and awakening in real-time. Bravo for this writing experience!

The world is a mess and we are participating joyfully on Mirror of Encounters in the sorrows of the world – not adhering to sorrow nor walking away from it. Peace is at the heart of our writing experience. We are not sitting in complacency; we are working on reconciling our life, the impermanence of it, and everything we know. We are mind opening to mind. Our fingers tapping out the truth of something much bigger.

To live in sacred space
is to live in a symbolic environment
where spiritual life is possible,
where everything around you
speaks of exaltation of the spirit

Joseph Campbell

Christ is pure consciousness

Lately I´ve felt an urgent need to pray. Not to pray “for something” to be fulfilled, it is more some kind of urge to show my gratitude for everything leading to this point in my life.

I have never been “religious”. All these priests, exoteric rituals, religious dogma and conduct bores me to death.

Yet, what I feel though, is that Christ is not an imaginary symbol, it is a strong vivid consciousness. These days I kind of felt this very strong. A contact with something inexpressible. Christ not as a name, but as an ineffable Cosmic Presence.

Beyond any doubt, this Loving Presence is an incredible reality. There are some great mystics in the Catholic church like John of the Cross, meister Eckhardt and Teresa of Avila who are said to have witnessed this love.

I begin to get a clue to what they were feeling…Yes, I have been praying, not even knowing to whom I was directing my joy to. I can tell you: this soothing Love transcends any human notion. It has no form, yet It is there, the most reliable reality that exists.

I recommend you strongly The Dark Night of the Soul by John of the Cross, an incredible ageless survey about the inner crisis everybody encounters seeking spiritual redemption. It is an unvaluable map for the one needing guidance.

Just inquire!

A mind-blowing story

Yesterday I saw Bogdan. We have known each other for several years. He comes from a good, wealthy family of intellectuals. He is now in his forties. We are not friends. He is very intense, well articulated, very restless, he kind of invades your space talking always too much. He can not restrain himself. He has always much going on in his head, almost behaving like a haunted man. He thinks a lot, but to no avail … He is in continuous self-flagellation, in a peculiar sort of way being aware of this; he kind of suffers from his own intelligence, you can feel his inner turmoil. He is coherent, but being in a continuous escape from something – for sure, his own responsibility to find out who is – it’s pretty hard to be around him; everything feels suspended in his nearness, confusing, unfinished. You kind of feel exhausted after seeing him.

He is by all means an unusual character, not always trustworthy all right, but be is definitely not a liar. He told me the most incredible, really mind-blowing story.
He was really taken by this incident, not giving the least impression he would make this up.

He told me that his sister-in-law works for the army. She had taken a long time off from her job, as she was suffering from deep neurosis, due to some serious shock she had one year ago.
“I never told this to anyone”, she confessed to him “being afraid people would think I am crazy. I am telling you this, as I can not stand anymore to remain silent.”

Last spring she was at her house in the countryside. She was washing dishes. It was round noon. Everything was calm, a beautiful spring day. Everything was peaceful, you could hear that pleasant buzzing of the insects, birds singing, you could hear the old cow, the hens, the rooster. Anyway, it is that familiar reassuring noise you can hear at a farm.

Suddenly, everything stopped. You could no longer hear a noise. It was a strange and sinister silence. All animals were quiet, they fled and hid. She got out on the terrace, with a plate in her hand, and to her immense stupefaction she saw something incredible: a huge spaceship was hovering between the hills. It was enormous. As she served in the military, she had an instrument in the house that could measure the diameter of this UFO. It was 17 km!!! Imagine that…!

The ship was made of translucent metal, it looked like a donut or a weird ring, having a hole in the middle, through which you could see the sky. This spaceship was built as if it was made of strange colors, bright and continuously changing. It was maddening and inexplicable. There was an eery feeling all around, an unaccountable dense and heavy vibration was felt everywhere, several peasants were also witnessing this flabbergasted. Some of them prostrated themselves to the ground, starting to pray hysterically as if Christ returned.

At one point, the air began to vibrate violently. Animals began to howl, as if it was an earthquake with an inward movement.
She felt an incredible pain in the stomach, the air was permeated with the strangest vibrations, changing somehow her internal frequency.
One second later, after an inhuman noise, the ship dashed without moving, and vanished into nothingness.

This is the history.

Now, I would be very grateful if you wanted to comment on this. I am aware that this sounds totally far-fetched and crazy. I repeat, I have no reason to believe that Bogdan made this up.

This episode reminds me that two years ago, the Americans finally admitted and made public that in the summer of 1939 in Roswell, it was indeed a spacecraft with two aliens that got stranded there.The news was sent all over the world, but no one seemed to apprehend the gravity of this…

So, what do we know really…?

The ticket to eternity

In our age, Knowledge and intellect are in high esteem .
But human intelligence, can be an insurmountable obstacle when it comes to an extended life-perception.

If you want to enter higher states of being, you have to be prepared to give up the prejudice of “knowing”, which is anything but an easy task, as our identity is built on experience and knowledge. In plain language, it means that the ticket you have to pay for entering these realms, is the price of letting go of what you know.
It requires a huge courage to renounce your hardly acquired self-identity, for something that, at first sight, has no form yet. Few are those who rely on this vague whisper …

This is what faith is about. To have the courage of being empty, TO NOT KNOW. To break the patterns of knowledge is the most difficult but also most rewarding and worthwhile endeavour.

In  a wider perspective, to “not know” is better than “to know”. Cause if you dare to admit that “you don´t know” you are free to explore. Exploring makes life worth living, cause only the ones with courage to explore, have a direct contact with life, they are the real people.

Only exploring, only by giving up your sense of security, you might have a chance to renew yourself, to discover that Life is a never-ending wonder.