She calls herself Grace

In this very humdrum and materialistic era, her very Presence feels like a miracle. She is not aware – but she shines. Radiant waves of light beam out of her countenance. She is caring yet unassuming. Endearlingly joyous.

She manifests what the poets throughout the ages have tried to capture: wisdom, clarity, sweet elegance. Poise. And above all – Grace.

She is the embodiment of Femininity in its twofold aspects: maidenhood and motherhood.

The Wonder of Life never gets old

To be so centered, so joyful and alert so just raising your hand, or taking a step, feels like a wonder.

This “wonder-perception” is the secret behind real success. Joyful non-action is the outcome of being in touch with this ineffable Wonder.

Non-action brings you Peace, Clarity, Attention and Detachment.

This joy of being “connected”, being mindful and detached, makes you realize that there is no repetition in the Universe.

 All is new every moment! Can you see this?

To be free is to feel “new”, consequently, in this freedom, whatever you do feels new, you have confidence and your actions will be richly rewarded, being the result of ease and flow.

Don´t just read these words, go into and beyond them! 🙂