Nature´s inexorable imperative

Adapt or perish, now as ever.

-H. G. Wells

What I am involves what you are

Allan Watts

How can we make a sustainable difference?

Our earth is crying. People “hear” but not heed.

Against all evidence, common man is unwilling to see, to admit the most obvious.
God, soul, spirit…? These are mere senseless words for the vast majority…
The only thing they focus on is their stubborn ignorance and blind greed…

Everybody reverently speaks about how unsustainable our present life-style is,
yet the result is null – just daft and perverted bunkum…

How can each of us make a pragmatically sustainable difference?

Change means transformation


No one can truly fully understand anything and I agree that Change is an empty word but the essence of the word contains invaluable fortune. As Gandhi said “You must be the change you wish to see in the world’.

When? Where and How?

These are the questions usually left to be answered but never posed. The when and where are simple, it’s here and now as you mentioned on one of your other posts, but in developing the answer on how, you are granted great wisdom. Change is an empty word for those who do nothing but it’s a sense of growth and accomplishment for those who do. Agree or disagree?


You see, once you are famished, you won´t ask HOW you are supposed to eat – you will simply eat.

If your house is on fire, you won´t stay in watching TV pretending all is well – as the majority of people do – but run away immediately.
So with “change” – if you see that something urgently needs to be changed, that inner urge will naturally find a concrete way.

It´s a fact:

Change means transformation. Transformation doesn´t happen through grandiloquent words, but through appropriate action. Either we change, or we will face utterly dire consequences, which we are already witnessing.

Most humans refuse to see the impending danger of their mendacious and obsolete outlook on life, constantly indulging in the inertia of fleeing the real problem.

Modern man

What has generated this collective attitude of ingratiating submissiveness
and resignation of one´s inner voice and natural emotion?
It exceeds my ability to comprehend, but people seem to no longer want to acknowledge their own lives. Most of them indulge in being not more than some languorous drones of sorts. Indeed, what is this uncommon fear behind this perfidious abdication?

I think modern man lives in a kind of disguised suicide. He has given up on life.
He assiduously dismisses his humanity.
All the so-called technological progress derives from and compensates this peculiar and incomprehensible inability to preserve one´s humanness.

The genuine human quality has become almost an extinct commodity. It is rather conspicuous:

MAN IS TIRED OF HIS HUMAN CONDITION – he virtually aims to be a robot. That is why he is nauseatingly projecting himself in all this technological folly, which is naught but a consequence of his inner piteous cowardice.

Can we discuss this together?

Says Stephen Nachmanovitch

I found this so meaningful so I re-post it:

Education, business, media, politics, AND ABOVE ALL THE FAMILY, the very institutions that might be the instruments for expanding human expressiveness, collude to induce conformism, to keep things on a humdrum level.  So do our everyday habits of doing or seeing.

Reality as we know it becomes conditioned by the tacit assumptions we come to take for granted after innumerable subtle learning experiences in daily life.

Thus creativity is usually the ability to see through those tacit assumptions to what is in front of our noses.

What is the State – commenting Paul´s post

It just kind of struck me now – the word State is the same as state… – as inner emotional condition.

So the State, is nothing but a sum of different twisted emotional and mental states…A sum of ubiquitous madness basically…

Can collective madness be counteracted …? I don´tknow…

What I know for sure though is that we can “counterfeel” it…:) We can counterstrike with great Love, great emotions, with great lucidity…embracing timeless Art and refulgent Beauty…


Let´s try!!

A new passion for Life


The challenges that we face today are huge. We need an incredible amount of energy to find solutions to our present rather disturbing predicament. These solutions can no longer be the reiteration of our common outgrown experience – stubbornly reinforcing the old societal models can bring us unimaginable calamity.

These solutions consequently, have to be the outgrowth of something totally new,
alive and encompassing – a “new force” which can awaken and enable us to see clearly the questions Life poses on us NOW.

We need this renewed Energy and vitality, to make the required changes for a further step, both individually and collectively. A New Breath, helping us deconstruct the old paradigm.

Only a new passion and enhanced comprehension will show us the way to A NEW LIFE, to a new sustainable way of living.

A great opportunity awaits us. Let´s embrace this Change !

To see is to act

He says:

I see what you are saying and agree in a certain way… but maybe I don’t see and understand…

So, just to help me clarify, how about an example:
I say “Right NOW Monsanto is spilling poisons into this environment that are NOW migrating and are NOW adversely affecting my son’s health and life.
You say?

My answer:

Undoubtedly, irrefutable facts have to be given all our serious attention.
Now, if we have a reasonably comprehensive intelligence, we understand that nothing – and I really mean Nothing – exists outside a context, that indeed, nothing can be viewed in isolation.

Everything is intertwined. Life is one, all its aspects are interconnected.

We have to have a clear perception as to what happens Now, but we also have to consider things in a wider perspective. The answer may be elsewhere, where we don´t dare to look.

Who is this Monsanto? Isn´t this Monsanto our invention? That is, could Monsanto have existed without our cowardice and ignorance? You see, you and me have built this society – what they do, we do. We are poisoning our own life with our lies, our arrogant unsustainable lifestyle stems from this lies, but we are reluctant to consider that.

We have to act. That means that we have to look inside and scrutinize ourselves. When a sufficient number of people wake up and see the urgent inward and outward threat, the right action will be taken.


Some fragments from a post by Paul

Here are his words:

“I think the NOT SO UNCOMMON DENIAL OF TRUTH, – not just in regard to 9/11 but in general -, IS A GIGANTIC PROBLEM. For how can intelligent, fact based opinions be made off of lies?  Or, good opinions anyway?

People do not seem to think independently anymore. What ever happened to exercising some healthy skepticism every once in awhile? I purposefully try to question everything, but maybe that is just me, or more likely, I am a member of a shrinking group of people that still thinks for themselves. At any rate, I guess people just take television to be the truth, whatever is being presented must be fact, no questions asked. How? How did this even come about? Why is this the case?

I just shake my head and try not to get to mad at all of this. There is something fundamentally wrong with society – why aren’t the people curious anymore? The natural state of a human being is one of curiosity – or at least should be. Children are curious, but then what happens? We grow up indoctrinated and unlearn concern?”

My comment:

People buy these lies because, as you say, they refuse to think. “Why have a real life…? Nah, it is too much of a trouble…
Think independently…? Oh no…Why should I, when I can be a gullible imbecile, an easy manipulated drone…? It is better to be fucked than take the troble to be alive…”

“By all means, the third skrscraper just disintegrated in pure solidarity with the twin buildings”, claim the bloated drones.

This is the our nonsensical life today: a tale narrated by an imbecile.
We have what we deserve.

Yes Paul, SHAME ON US that a 22-year-old boy like you has to tell us the truth we so hard refuse to acknowledge.