A few words to Adina

Our everyday drama, with all its afferent conflicts and frictions, is undoubtedly true. It is “real” insofar as we are totally caught up in it. We are the characters and the victims of our individual and collective story.

We are entirely identified with this mad story, unquestioningly giving it our fully unreserved attention.
It seems that we are utterly unable to see beyond our conditioned and narrow-minded perception.
WE ARE THIS PREDETERMINED FALSE PERCEPTION, indeed, that´s what we choose to believe we are…

Well, this vicious conditioning, this demented fight with everyone and everything – I repeat, this apparently unique and “real” everyday reality -, is nothing but our twisted perception of our conditioning …- an illusion, and nothing else.

I know what I’m saying now is hard and painful to digest, especially as we have invested ourselves totally
in this illusion – it is the kind of Life, we know so far.
As the water to fish, so is Illusion to us – the very air we breathe.

If you see and understand this clearly, this very comprehension will set you free.

When Illusion is seen as illusion, in that ineffable moment you will know
what Life is about…- a neutrally and joyfully pulsating second here and now, which immediately reveals itself to you.

You´ll simply feel it…

Dis-identifying from Illusion, will bring initially an unbearable vacuum and frustration,
but if you don´t give in, you will soon know that indescribable happiness and inner peace
which is the timeless and true Self.

It is the true and only reality, candidly simple yet all-pervading…
The incarnated Word – essence inexpressible in words …To gradually know the true
nature of Self, you don´t need to be a monk or a hermit…

You just need to have the courage and desire to see Illusion as illusion …