Why do they quash their emotions?

Truth is that I can take more inspiration watching a sparrow, or observing in great detail the shades of light and shadow, than being together with people…It is rather sad, because genuine togetherness is a blessed thing…

Unfortunately, people in the West deliberately lead a boring and terribly shallow life, keeping at due distance anything that even slightly reminds them of a truly lived life…

Life is a wonder, but they simply discard this simple but overarching truth…

I am truly baffled. Such a conundrum:

How it is possible to vehemently refuse to be moved and so stubbornly and methodically shun aliveness?

Remote love

She offers rhetorical pirouettes as communion, compensating
the blatant scarcity with lush and far-flung promises.

Their greatest fears and taboos


Communicating for real makes the difference

All words are meaningless really, unless they are uttered with Love…

I do not expect that my words will sooth your loss, or mine – for that matter. But hearing each other, communicating for real, makes a huge difference.

Meaning is knowledge

Cornelius Agrippa says:

I think the question of what God is, is related to the question of who we are. That has to be
a practical question.
I think our lives are meaningless except to the extent that we give them meaning. That has to start on a
small-scale – in the moment-to-moment things we do and in each interaction with another human being and even to details like how we wash a cup or sweep a floor.


Life, real life, is Meaning felt each moment.

In that immediate “knowledge” every single detail makes sense – like seeping the floor or washing the coffee cup.

The same goes for human interaction. If there is reciprocal meaning, there will be communion too. Participation in Sense…

Unfortunately, the sum of people´s life – society today – feels devoid of meaning. And due to this absence of meaning in interpersonal connexion, – absence of both individual and collective relation to Self – we have this hollow age, which obviously cannot offer anything beyond its limited pragmatism.

Pragmatism without metaphysical connection leads inevitably to nihilism.

And there can never be any Sense in Naught…

Thank you Ben

“May we create a circle of praise serve to connect us to others of like mind and kindred spirit!”


I get more and more evidence that what I belive in seems to be so right:

Genuine dialogue, good communion and trust between You and Me creates value and great power. The energy we build together changes the whole world.