To all of you reading this

I want to speak out this truth in a clear statement:


I am not trying to be someone, as I am already “someone” now, this very
moment…-inasmuch as I feel alive, connected with mySelf and with You all.

I don´t search to be “validated” by you – it´s far from my intention.

I am trying to create a forum where we can approve of and so to say, validate each other.

I don´t have the technical skills, but fact of the matter is that I wouldn´t mind turning Mirrors of Encounters into a “public” place, where everyone makes his true voice heard.

I think it is ripe time that we all come out of our hiding-place, stand up in mutual trust and start connecting with each other, creating a far more comprehensive context of true force, energy, beauty and wisdom. Something that benefits both the individual and the group in a more extensive manner.

The Evil exists and thrives in fragmentation!


Continuing living in the illusion of fragmentation – everyone to himself – brings us to total and irrevocable destruction. The sum of different fragmentations – and with fragmentation I mean frustration, unhappiness, hate, prejudice, pettiness, material
shortage – creates a prison for all of us. Creates hell on earth – like all the evil systems of Nazism, Communism and this present blind and reckless Capitalism.


Likewise, our present politicians are manifesting our existential disease, that is, our blindness as to the truth of Who We Really Are.

We have to create a new and strong sense of community, based on inter-connectedness, transparency, healthy order, sustainability and mutual endorsement and support. This sounds of course utopian, but actually either we embrace the “Utopia” of waking up to this Universal Truth, or we are doomed.

The Whole makes and consists of its parts, and the parts make the whole. When the part is wounded, the whole is intrinsically affected!!

We are thus compelled to seek to heal both the individual and the community, in
a simultaneous act!

WE ARE ALL IN THE SAME BOAT, and failing to recognize this is either arrogance or stubborn shortsightedness.

A death-worshipping society


“It is not that our institutions and centers of power are religious in nature that is problematic. It is that they belong to a variety of religion that is
death-worshiping and whose underlying aim is to destroy everything living.
And, that its aims are hidden from many of us and even from its practitioners.”

Really, I can see with greatest clarity this so insidious feature in human nature that no one else seems to heed, except you: this secret wish to die, this eery longing for individual and collective suicide. Try to tell them that…

It is blatantly obvious that this is the most dominant characteristic: humanity has become a bunch of death-worshippers. Nothing more or less. They do everything in order to choke life, to render every natural life expression impossible. I was born in Romania and lived under that demonic communist system for 18 years, before I defected to Sweden in 1981. But fact of the matter is that this satanic regime back in the ´80s,  was nothing compared to the difficulty of living in this today-world.

The pressure of this treacherous death is worse than all the coercive methods used in Communism. It´s everywhere. Before you knew that Ceausescu and his acolytes were the “bad guys”, nowadays everyone you meet is a potential enemy, because every man is his own and Life´s enemy. They are all methodically chasing anything alive…There is no place to go, nothing to do, you are literally strangled.

Our present Zeitgeist is a very sinister form of cannibalism. Humanity actually cannibalizing on its own body.

You and me see that…Who else wants to see…? No one…

Why do they so adamantly refuse any argument?…I think they all deep down know this, but would never admit facts…

I strongly recommend Antonio`s post:

A break in Romania

So my friends,

Let me tell you that I am presently in Romania visiting my mother. I left Stockholm yesterday, needing a break from the limiting frustrating  evil conformity with its constant absence of life, which is the everyday menu in Sweden.

So here I am, in my natal childhood city – Ploiesti. I have to confess that I wanted to take a well deserved break from Mirrors of Encounters, but I just couldn’t keep these reflections away from being written down here.

This is an unfortunate valid truth everywhere, but something which you can flagrantly feel even more in this country:

Many people’s life is a frustrated constant struggle to survive. After so many years of reckless communism, they no longer know who they are. Due to a blatant lack of self-knowledge, they usually have no clarity, sense of order or understanding of the mechanics of Life. That’s the reason why, despite talent and ingenuity they fail mostly in whatever they enterprise. Failure has become some kind of virtue here.

It is evident – many are afraid to dream. ‘I am afraid to see how rich and irresistibly interesting life is.” Since many’s  knowledge of life is conditioned by the narrow frame of chaos and failure, they don’t trust that they can also succeed.

So they continue with what they know best: they distrust any new or healthy different way of looking at life, as if “different” doesn’t exist in the dictionary, they continue with the same mentality of suspicion and ill-founded fear,
all in all, due to a twisted and sick mentality, they are stuck in the obtuse identity of a loser.

A “loser” can never succeed, irrespective of the effort, hard work or ingenuity he puts in a project. It is evident that an unhealthy self-image, cannot be counteracted by any effort, talent or deliberateness.

Consequently, as long as Self Image is not going to be an individual and collective priority, most people’s life are going to remain a senseless struggle, a scary “shadow land”.