In constantly seeking to actualize your ideal, you will have no time for composure

– Shunryu Suzuki-roshi

The father and the son

Yesterday at noon, I went to my usual coffee-house.

It was rather cold outside, nevertheless I took a place on the rather gloomy terrace – I was the only person defying the freezing wind.

After smoking my cigar I went inside. I took a place at the window, watching people going by. I was thinking of my friend Kjell, longing for his company, but I was not in a mood to either call or text.

Someone tapped me on my shoulder. It was Johan, the son of Kjell.
I was very pleased to see him.

Sometimes it´s good to let things follow their natural course without intervening. INSTEAD OF THE FATHER COMES THE SON. 🙂

Johan was holding something you would never guess: a little coat hanger.

“What the hell do you do with this” I asked him amused, “are you going to pick up chicks with it?”
“Oh no, this is not for me,  IT IS FOR MY FATHER!” he answered with a roguish smile.
In that very moment, Kjell comes in.

Really, more often than not, you have an eery feeling that Life is a funny theater play, a weird, highly improbable film. You may wonder who is the witty but whimsical Director behind all this…

So there we were, the three of us sitting together, trying to figure out what the afternoon had in store for us.

Johan is 24 years old. A young man of great integrity, he exudes force and  firmness of character. Every time I see him, I think there is hope for this crazy world.

It is rather odd, Kjell feels like a restless ingenious boy, whereas Johan sits laid back in great composure and authority. It is quite a scene, when you see them together, you don´t know who´s the Father and who´s the Son. 🙂

The most fantastic thing sitting with them is that we can talk about great things, but we can be silent, reflecting and taking in whatever it is said. It is very soothing and highly unusual to share this quiescence together, as most people become terribly restless, speak incessantly in order to kill every moment of silence.

“So Kjell, quite a gift you received today,” I said jokingly.

“Now you can go out with your coat hanger and pick up some nice babes. You can be a great pick-up artist, a great kamaki. Do you know what a kamaki is?” I continued.

“Well, kamaki in Greek means literally a hook. So a kamaky means a skilled pick up artist. Play, pretend you are a pirate for a change!”(pirate=sjörövare in Swedish). Saying this, I was  quite surprised using this metaphor, associating Kjell with a pirate.

In fact, women prefer pirates to nice guys, that´s for sure. And if Kjell is going to find a new woman, he has to be a little rough, sullen and wild.

I repeat, I never used the words “sjörövare” and “kamaki” in a conversation in Sweden.

As I was finishing my “speech” to Kjell, Johan was looking to me little perplexed saying:

“You know what I have been listening in the phone to the whole day? Pirates songs…”