Living ourselves beyond division

“Early in my life it seemed life’s floating was seamless, unquestioned, spontaneous.

The transition to adulthood brought with it a self-consciousness as the sense of separation between self and other, inside/outside seemed more and more apparent. ”

“In living with the constancy of change I wonder if we’re not inviting more and more the desire to become the unchanged?”

We were It all, but early on, we were fooled to believe that we were not in possession of it – of ourselves -, and so we “bought” the ubiquitous disease society force-feeds us with, that we need to look “elsewhere”.

Isn´t it so…? We have internalized this huge illusion that everything is “outside”, and the result is the constancy of placing ourselves outside ourselves.

We obsessively create and define ourselves as division.
The more you desire anything, the more you struggle, the bigger the gulf, the lesser you get, the bigger the misfortune. We all know this vicious circle. And yet, we stubbornly continue with the same half-witted procedure.

We strive to surmount this gulf outwardly, but actually, we hopelessly try to find bridges between different loose aspects of our scattered inner world.

We are inwardly dis-unified, can you see that?…Whatever we undertake, we irretrievably reinforce ourselves as cleavage.

I hear my Inner Voice telling me unbelievable things. Like these days when it said:

“You are in no need of knowledge. There is nothing to understand. There is nothing to act upon.This is all an unfathomable riddle, and you are this riddle. LIVE IT and the `action´ does itself”.

So you see…At first I do wonder what on earth it says.

But then I bump into this Jung´s quote in your post:

“We should grow like a tree that likewise does not know its law. We tie ourselves up with intentions, not mindful of the fact that intention is the limitation, yes, the exclusion of life.

Yes, The Voice knows.

So let´s forget “intention” and embrace the Riddle – living ourselves beyond division.

Are you a void?…

…Who thinks?…
I am the prompting that compels consciousness. That prompting has essence. The essence is shared with you. We share consciousness. We could answer to the same Name.

This is Linda Willows´ reply to my post “What about you?”

How can we bring about a real change within?

This is the huge paradox:

Innumerable books about spirituality have been written lately. Yet, to no avail really. All these books, haven´t had the right impact to penetrate in-depth and bring about a REAL CHANGE IN OUR COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS, it´s a fact.

Yes, let´s face it, all this enormous book-writing has failed.


What is freedom?

Freedom is pure consciousness, consciousness in non-abiding. When concept dies, freedom arises.
Freedom is constant questioning, never identifying with whatever prefabricated thought.

Freedom does never accept ready-made answers, as “ready-made” is dead. Freedom is alive, and being alive, it is a perpetual and unending  surprise – the truth of 100 years ago is as obsolete as the truth stated 10 minutes ago.

Freedom is “discontinuous” and constant watchfulness, It is neither “knowing”, nor “not knowing”. It is both 🙂

Real freedom can never degenerate into self-deceit, as
self-deceit is the perfect antinomy of being alive. When you are alive, you are responsible, you are free.

To be alive and free is the greatest challenge. It requires incredible sharpness and focused attention.

Sloth and laziness is consequently, refusal to consider, question and watch oneself, it is the refusal to take responsibility for being alive. THESE LAST TWO LINES, MIRROR THE MOST URGENT DILEMMA “MODERN” MAN IS FLEEING FROM.

Unfreedom hates and fears life.  Where there is no freedom, there is no Life

Period !