Ecce Homo

Modern man is ineffably hollow. And what’s worse is that he does anything to remain that way:
Devoid of humanity, of real ideas, of well-defined sentiments. But his hollowness is directly proportional to his delirious pride.

It is striking that he is very proud of the blatant absence in his own life. Proud of the feat of doing nothing veritable. Indeed, he refuses to learn anything new. He simply does not want to know. He has no honorable objectives anymore. And due to mind-blowing sufficiency, he violently refuses to admit his impotence. His existential failure.

Therefore there is no real contact anymore. Because inside of them they are all ashamed. Of not doing anything worthwhile. They therefore skilfully evade and avoid each other. That´s why nowadays there are no encounters worth mentioning. No participation. Or communion.

And where there is no genuine communion there is no life. Except vapid dissimulation, abysmal gloom and loneliness.