What entails a real relation?

When you say “I miss a real man or real woman” you actually state the missing contact with your Self.

You’re not to blame – what You Are feels insufficient, you look for “the other “to complete you, to compensate your shortage of not being enough to yourself.

What you miss really is not “the other”, but Yourself – the right connection with the true you – can you see that? This is hard to digest, but your feeling of Separation can never be made “whole” by another man or woman, even if it seems so. Because “the one” you are looking for is actually YOU. The harmony you expect to find meeting the other, is the inner equilibrium you are supposed to find first in yourself. Not easy…

With the risk of demystifying love, the truth is that nobody and nothing can make
you happy in the long run – despite the greatest illusion emblazoned by society which always urges you to look outside yourself.

This realization may take a second or a lifetime, alas, most people need even more than that. The fact is that only when you realize that Separation is Illusion, that beyond the deceptive feeling of being separated you are in fact, whole and happy, then and only then, you may meet someone with whom you handsomely resonate.