When we are “empty” Life takes charge

Despite unlikely hard work, it feels as if I haven´t achieved anything…I don´t identify in the least with all my writing…For sure, sometimes I look at these posts of mine, and read them smiling as if written by someone else.

It´s kind of great fun. Some of them are pertinent, other not…Still…

All in all, writing is a great tool to empty my mind, something helping me to wipe out what I know…

In fierce contradiction to what is considered right, “not knowing”- that is putting aside the burden of “knowing” – is felicity…the highest and most natural form of “existing.”

I feel exactly the same with my posts. It’s like water pouring out of my fingers and vanishing in the soil. Hopefully something positive will grow. Can you write more about this?

Indeed Richard, if something is to grow it needs space. In order to create a new space, we have to take the risk of constantly keeping our mind empty.

Remembrance has consequence and has no consequence…

What happened years, weeks or seconds ago has contributed to who we are now. We don´t own the past even if it feels like being “ours”. Thereby, the taste of the past is within us, but we don´t need to remember it literally.

We do feel deserted when facing the “memory-less” now, don´t we?

WHO ARE WE WITHOUT THE MEMORY OF BECOMING…? Who are we without the urge of yesterday wanting to repeat itself tomorrow…

To deliberately put behind us our memories – either good or bad – is the thing, if we want to live in Perpetual Renewal.

The good wine doesn´t always remember the process of having become wine. It lingers in its precious taste.

Let us abandon ourselves in this delightful taste of Now.

Let the heavenly wine generously pour.  Its perfume will remember us.

The dwelling place of Love

The multitudes within duality…are deceptively rewarding. Fear is its own limitless contradiction. It loves its thesis and antithesis…It loves to give only to take back.
In One all contradictory multitudes desist – as One is the end of ego. The dweling place of Love.

Nothing Real can be established

Thanks for your post here. It means a lot to me …. making progress in non-thinking.

All those comments are like lights from different perspectives to the whole “thing”. Quite a lot of what is said is logically contradictory and that confuses us. We’ve been taught throughout our life that contradictory statements are nonsense. What if they are not?

Think about that for a few moments.

Either I get completely nuts right now or I begin to understand.

Whatever we knew yesterday is no longer valid today. To approximate this very moment through the filter of the past, deprives us the joyful freedom and clarity of a fruitful approach.

Thus, although I get what you say – there cannot be any “progress in non-thinking” – thought must stop, if we are to get a clear picture of the ongoing reality.

You say that “quite a lot of what is said is logically contradictory and that confuses us”- but what or who within us gets confused…?
Give it a thought, or better even – give it no thought :)
Although valuable, our Logic is ultimately just an instrument to control and fight against something we fear and do not understand…- Life?…

We need to understand that whatever we infer is projection and not truth.

Truth therefore, is always paradoxical, inconsequent and highly contradictory – as TRUTH IS A VIVID REALITY NOT A LOGICALLY DERIVED ENTITY. For sure many a scientist of the Old School, would find this perspective of Truth a far-fetched fabulation, yes, pure nonsense. But let us remind us of the last discoveries within quantum physics which confirm my words.

We need to comprehend that NOTHING REAL CAN BE ESTABLISHED! So, our statements are contradictory and at the same time, they are not. It all depends of the viewpoint we hold.

They say that before reaching a higher state of perception, we face and go through a phase similar to madness. The Zen Masters know this very well.

So be nuts, as you are on the verge of understanding. :)