Why do we punish each other?

Well, we agree that PUNISHMENT is a huge suject-matter.

We must first of all define the word “punishment” – I think it is the act that causes suffering intended to correct a person who has done something wrong.
This starting point already breeds a second question: who is the judge to do so?…

The parent is the judge, when educating the child …
The officer judges improper behavior on the road …
There is obviously a rule that allows someone who has learned from others before him the rule base.
But WHAT IS THIS BASIC RULE? Is it Common sense, Rationality?…

It is all very subjective…or not?

As you say, Who is this judge…? Who is “right” and who “wrong”…? Who is correcting who…and why?

Whatever we do, every single action can be “correct” in some people´s eyes, or incorrect according to others…

From immemorial times, Man is said to have done something wrong and so he secretly thinks he deserves to be punished. Man has internalized this lie and so authority was created.
Authority – the one who is “in charge” – is given the right to punish and correct. “I am the authority, I know better, you have to conform to my knowledge otherwise you are not ok…”

Parents “punish” their kids through wrong education, church punishes through its doctrine of fear, women punish and manipulate men in order to exercise their power, all in all, the thing we call state is nothing but the sum of our irrational fears and reciprocal punishment.


The idea of punishment is as old as Man…and although we call ourselves modern, these entrenched ideas still control us…

Again…Is there such thing as a ubiquitous authority? Do we need authority at all…?

Do we still think we deserve to be punished because we live…? Or do we think that we deserve to love and be loved…?

As Augustine said: Love and do whatever you please…He might have a point there…

Understanding the real problem


I am making the assumption that we’re here to help each other figure out how to discern what is wrong, discuss what we see, and somehow work together to correct what is wrong… whether in thinking, observation, or action.


If you feel the gravity and truth of my words, it means that you are a step nearer a clarifying viewpoint. The so-called solution comes as we speak. In my opinion, true and honest dialogue help each other drop the past. How can past knowledge understand something that has to be understood now…?

Verily, everything of importance happens now.

Whatever solution that comes through the filter of the past, is a mere continuation of our conditioning. Let´s leave the past to itself!

Consequently, to deal with a problem in its totality we have to let go of our inner patterns – we have to put aside expectation, even the very wish to know, and unreservedly and have a direct relation with what is going on NOW. Real action happens always in the now.

Staying with the problem requires the same vivid attention and immediacy as if it was a living entity.
Only in this direct vividness we can find a satisfactory solution. The so-called correction comes through understanding of the problem.