Too much benevolence scares them

Punishment and retribution – this entrenched conditioning is what people
take for life.

Consequently what is easily given is not taken seriously, it is hardly accepted. If you don´t believe me, ask what women think of men who give themselves too easily…

That is so, most humans suppose they always have to fight, to strife; indeed to break their necks in order to reach a valuable result is the thing.

Twisted and paradoxical human nature:
The worse the fight, the more desirable the outcome…

Ask me, I´ve been there: it is really counterproductive to be all too nice and gracious with people – as they think you are an easy catch and thus might not appreciate you. In fact, they most likely will disregard you, taking you for a fool.

So don´t sell yourself too cheaply, put a high price on yourself and give moderately. Above all, don´t forget to punish them, otherwise they won´t endorse you. 😉