We invariably kill the mystery of life with
our stupid addiction for control.

I can´t put it less bluntly that that

The man of truth and dignity is always bullied and excluded. Cowards love the company of other cowards.

Do you ever feel as though you are all on your own and there is nobody to help you?

I highlight here some of the most conspicuous questions in Kenneth´s post The Cult of Individualism. His writing is insanely accurate and poses exactly the questions that people blatantly refuse to ask.

“I came across a ton of people who felt as though they were‘all on their own’. Whether it was due to the pressures of life, work, raising a family, or fill-in-the-blank, many felt that there was nobody they could turn to for .

Why do so many people feel disconnected? Why do so many people feel lonely? Why are so many people using alcohol or drugs to alleviate these feelings?

Don’t we have the responsibility to ask what is going on in the Western World that is not going on in other cultures?

What I am often really referring to is a very simple vice that we are all familiar with: selfishness.

Thomas Jefferson noticed a tendency among the fledgling nation he helped to create and wrote, “Self-love is no part of morality.  Indeed it is exactly its counterpart.  It is the sole antagonist of virtue leading us constantly by our propensities to self-gratification in violation of our moral duties to others

Let’s be honest with ourselves, Western Society is crumbling all around us; celebrities are worshipped, people pop pills, fractured relationships are commonplace, depression and loneliness run rampant……Yet instead of seeing these problems and coming together to work towards solutions….too often we have an attitude that it’s ‘every man and woman for themselves “(end of this resume)

I for one am not ashamed to admit that I too feel that I am totally on my own in this world. Even those who claim to be near me, are not. I am surrounded by cowards. People who assume nothing. Who never dare to go in-depth with anything, ever excusing themselves for lack of time, which is nothing but lack of interest. No, let´s face it: NO ONE WANTS TO KNOW ANYTHING for real. No one dares to question, as if the ongoing drama doesn´t regard them. Indeed, we are all part of this evil scenario, yet we all play innocent. 

Can we all have an open dialogue about this? Or are you too going to discard these questions as not being your business?

Don´t you dare expose my lies

I begin to understand why people usually are unwilling to engage in a “serious”,
pervasive and honest dialogue:

They are all aware that they are wrong, but they hate to be confronted with
the very fact of being wrong.

God forbid – what could happen if they admitted that…?

Starting being “right” for a change, would be out of the question.


Be civilized and shut up!

Here we don´t talk about essential stuff.

Don´t you dare joke about our taboos:

My repressed sexuality, my neurosis,
my frustrations, malice and inhibitions…

My fear is sacred.

My madness holy.

Escaping from what we already know

Yes, she knew, yet she vehemently refused to admit she knew…She was afraid to confront and assume her own insight.

I made this observation some time ago.

So, this following quote by James Hollis is about the same thing:

“There is no escape from Knowing though much of contemporary Western culture is a flight from knowing what, inescapably, we already know.”

To put it plainly,

Is this perplexing cowardice or sheer insanity?

A paradigm shift within is required for change

My answer to Paul´s latest post:

The greatest mind-blowing paradox is not that we are in deep shit.

The real crisis is the average man´s resistance and refusal to admit this
impending state of things.

It happens before our eyes, yet everybody is busy to proceed with the lies and petty absurdities you well know by now…

You say:
“A paradigm shift in politics is required for change”. I say a paradigm shift is required in each and every man´s soul. A step that in all likelihood, man will not deliberately take…
Unless forced be a horrendous nature catastrophe or cataclysm of sorts, humans won´t show any readiness or interest to face this truth.
Human nature is the way it is…Cowardice. Bigotry. Sloth. Mendacity. Convenience.

People secretly like the way things are, otherwise we would witness a change right away, if all were sick and tired of the present state in whatever area of life.  But humans won´t make a move unless forced, indeed shaken, by a visible, tangible threat. As if what is happening is not enough a big of a threat. But it is not enough that you and me, and few other individuals see the state of affairs.

Unfortunately, progress happens by mistake not by deliberate will-power…

As I said before, we cannot save the world. Just save yourself first!

Each of one of us has to make the priority of establishing Peace within,
to bring order inwardly and, at best, in our very proximity. Few powerful steps
in right direction!

I trust you have the power to undergo the shift you talk about.

That´s the most pragmatic step you can take for you and the world.

Unfortunately, I speak – I hear

Wake up call.

If your house was burning, and if you are reasonably sane
you wouldn´t sit engaging in love novels,
but find a solution to quench the fire.

The situation is critical.

Instead of taking right action in order to find sustainable
solutions to impending matters,
we indulge in inept and nonsensical imbecility,
stubbornly overlooking
within and around us.

Our cowardice and refusal to see will
have fatal consequences…

A thought for today

Plurality is the excuse of the coward refusing the deal with what is.

A conspicuous fact

Everything, and I really mean EVERYTHING is intertwined, and strives for equilibrium.
Wherever there is a loss, something will come up to compensate that shortage.

Our so-called technological progress today, is nothing but a false equilibrium,
a senseless desolate Compensation for our sense of moral and existential shortage:
Gruesome Fear, Shame, Cowardice, Sloth, Incapacity and Inner Inadvertence to Life.

Nothing happens randomly, everything is in relation to whatever else, meaning that