It´s not me making art, but ART making me

Here’s the big mystery:

The Great I-less Encounter with Creation… – out of which real Art is born.

Likewise, thinking that “I live my life” is an optical delusion. An absurdity. In actual fact, it’s LIFE LIVING YOU… Only in this overwhelmingly simple realization, you become YOU…

Who am I…? Who are you?…Writing as living the True Story

Most people on this planet have no idea Who they are – that is quite evident…That because it´s no one there in the beginning of our lives to guide us towards self-knowledge. Instead, we are all relentlessly turned into some depersonalized instruments to serve a faceless existence.

Writing for me is unraveling myself, finding out Who I Am. Understanding myself. It is my weapon in this peculiar and perilous Odyssey of self-discovery. Indeed, writing is about deconditioning myself from the bullshit imposed by my family, school and society.

And in this process of inner questioning and self-examination, I naturally find that my
inherent Meaning has been there all the time, but wasn´t discernable for my perception.

No, I couldn´t see myself, as I WAS A STRANGER IN MY OWN LIFE.

When I think of it I am overwhelmed by sadness.

For so many years, in fact, all my so-called life up to now, it was not me living, but other people´s nightmares – huge and chaotic generational pain, others´ dire unfulfillment, in truth, my ancestors un-lived lives were howling inside my soul, those hoarse voices calling themselves “me”…

These blind and inertial complexes quashed my sense of self – my sense of a meaningful relation with the true Me. In the last months such outlandish and ruthless battles have taken place BOTH WITHIN AND WITHOUT – these delirious forces having incredible power to manifest so-called outward events.

These forces are what we call “destiny”…- that´s the most difficult thing to fathom.


Nobody wants to face or acknowledge the truth in its overarching depth – I was totally on my own in this abyssal dispute, with no one beside me. I seem to have made it – so far. Fact of the matter is that after such a combat either you crumble or you come out alive – that is, enlightened. It would be preposterous to claim that I am enlightened, but, the very fact that I came out alive after these battles, points to that direction – Illumination.

Know that to retrieve your True Soul, your Inward Meaning, is the most difficult task in this world:
To individuate. To become You.

Unless you want to live someone else´s life, you will have to take this initiatory journey back to Who You Really Are. Who you truly are is life´s highest meaning. If you find your immanent Meaning you have found the living source of Creation.

You have to start telling your True Story. And in this sense, Writing is your torch in the process of self-discovery, your only weapon in the combat of the inner and outer darkness.

Not more. Not less.

A great line in a great movie

Even God has bluffed a little when he created this world.

Talking to a Master

It´s a longer dialogue but it is worth reading it:

The one who understands you best is no one but you. Embrace yourself!
– So true, we keep looking for ourselves in others…
– For sure, we look usually for people and circumstances that have nothing to do with us…
– Why is that?
– Despair, the agony of being lonely, not seen…of not having a real sense of belonging anywhere…
– True…
– You know, SEPARATION was and is still traumatic for each one of us…
People don´t realize the cause of their trauma. This immemorial trauma is often hidden within.
– Very well put – for sure, SEPARATION IS MONSTROUS…Most of the people will never get to know this: The Divine Madness is that the God Mind separated itself from Itself. That is the thing we call Creation. Calderon was seemingly right when he said that the worse and greatest offense to man is that he was ever born.

 -When Fear is dissolved – fear being separation – then we get to see more sense than now, when we are separated…Do you find this unlikely?…
– Not at all, I see things in a similar manner.
– Do you understand the sense of being separated?
– How do you see it?
– The dissolution of Ego is attainable to very few…Most of the people will never manage to step out of Fear.

 – Fear is their identity…
– Beyond fear is Unity. Only in this Oneness you can see what Separation is really about…It is almost impossible to put it in words. HOW CAN YOU EXPLAIN when most humans never had such an experience to which they can relate…
– How could they have…? We all live in disunity – cleavage and disunion is our mother´s milk through eons…That´s why common man has a hard time getting this...
– I guess you could say that.

– Only this primordial Oneness is our Salvation. The Healing we all ache for.
– Well yes, the return to Who We really Are.
– All diseases, suffering and atrocities seem to be the result of this split, the Primordial Separation – I guess that´s what the major religions call the original Sin.
– Yes, so it is.
– But this is unfathomable… – it seems to me that the Divine Mind has kind of splitted itself deliberately creating this monstrous separation, which to me seems like pure madness. Is Calderon right…? Obviously, Creation contains inherently all these outrageous realities like dreadful suffering, sorrow, illness, you know, all the dark sides…Is the Divine Mind mad…?
– When you will penetrate deeper, totally coming out of the Illusion of Separation, you will see things differently.

(To be continued)

This is a hard one: who is creating who…?

Does “the other” exist? Is the other a continuation of me…? Is it me creating the other…?
Likewise, am I a continuation of you? Do you create me…?
Could these lines have existed unless you read them?

The ones caught in illusion – are they a continuation of my own illusion?
Can I do something about “the others´” illusion?

This is the most vital question:

Can people caught in Illusion ever know what Love is…?  No, I think they can´t. Illusion is the outcome of fear, so as long as you are caught in Illusion, you can´t know the essence of Love.
Love is the antinomy of illusion…They never rime…

Consequently can the one who knows what Love is, ever reach and convey the presence of love – to “the other” who doesn´t know and doesn´t want to know this…?

Again, does the other exist? Cause if the other exists in the same field as me, than the only one to give love to, is therefore me…And when I do that, the other will probably “know”…