What life can you have when they all flee their true destiny?

There are very few humans who follow their destiny – their true call in life. Their real vocation, that is, TO LIVE.

Life and living is the last thing people think of.

The energy of a truly lived life reaches forth to everyone around. Energy creates meaning…Value. True commitment.

The absence of energy, the ubiquitous death people call life, creates nothing but further failure for each one of us.

If you don´t commit to Life, you commit to nothingness – to total absence of meaning and value.

The creative force behind form

Reposting this article as I find it worthwhile reading:

“It is amazing to receive constant evidence for what I have “suspected”
for a long time :

If you want to create something of real value, – a piece of art, a project, a collaboration or whatever, –  first you have to start envisioning the energy from which that particular thing evolves.

In other words, you “build up” the vision before creating the actual thing.

“Vision”, it is not a mere word. It is a force, a vivid reality, a felt energy seen at first with the eyes of the soul, becoming manifest when its inner body is shining through in clear shape within you.

It is this very force which is behind the greatest works of art, behind all real endeavours and successful achievements.

To illustrate my point, if an orchestra or interpret tries to play – let´s say Beethoven – without “understanding” this underlying ineffable reality behind the score, the outcome will be a total failure, as it usually is. That is why, classical music like most of our human endeavours, have become devoid of meaning, due to this blatant absence of this magic flow.

I repeat, Meaning is the subtle presence of this timeless, secret energy.

Somehow, aware or not, the founders of known brands, have known and worked with this magic creative force which makes the brand worthwhile.

When people buy a Louis Vuitton bag, or a Rolls Royce, it is not the bag or car they are paying dearly for, but the energy deriving from it. This is certainty, not speculation.

This energy is “heard” and attract other people, when you come in touch with it.
This is the key to whatever successful action.

This is in fact, the very Thing every human being consciously or unconsciously is striving for.”

Life – a magic fleeing moment

To free yourself from every expectation, to forget whatever happened yesterday, last week or last year, to forget even what happened ten minutes ago.

This is Freedom, to empty yourself, constantly, purposely holding on to nothing but this very moment. Incredible creative energy erupts from this very emptiness – it is you face to face with the ineffable you, with this magic fleeing moment.

When you let this emptiness guide you, you are being remembered…It is not you having your memories, you realize in fact that Memory has you. She knows…In this elusive but sharp receptiveness, your prerogative is your attention, your readiness to listen gently, letting the story unfold itself, second by second with no interference. The intricate veils of unknown memory, may show you things in a mazy light you never expected to see…

Be still! If you are not careful enough, a second too early or to late and the connection is gone…the flavour is gone. Know that fragrance can be more trustworthy than your thought, let fragrance guide you with its light step.

Tread slowly, you never know when Perfume comes…

Be empty my friend, cause “sensitive” is to be empty. Sensitive is to be happy. Emptiness is joy, delight…In emptiness you thrive, and your perception will be swift and clear… Then you can discern the indiscernable…

Dare to not know – this is sensitivity. To be sensitive is “listen and let go”, accept meekly and follow this inaudible sound and whisper. The life story seem to make no sense at first, it may open doors where logic has no access, it may show you things you at first
don´t understand. You have to be bold enough to let these whispers show you where to go.

It is just the two of you. You and this unknown voice. You and Life!