Your thoughts on how to become free

Reblogging here Gerry Spence´s post which I find utterly true:

“I have asked for a dialogue on how we might free ourselves from our masters.  I am looking for a strategy, an approach, a movement, a sound, an action, a universal word, that can be adopted by all slaves to set ourselves free.

The problem is, of course, that most slaves do not recognize their bondage.  Most believe they are free because, in fact, as workers, they have the freedom to move from one slave master to the next.  Many find the idea of slavery too frightening to really understand.  Many wish to climb the slavery ladder to achieve a higher status as slave, that is, a position of greater power and wealth.  So two conditions must occur before we can consider the road to freedom:  The first is to recognize our slavery.  The second is a desire to be free of it.”

The age of counterfeits

No, but really…

It really goes on my nerves:

All these smart guys like Gregg Bradden, Wayne Diar, Donald Neale Walsh, David Ike, Deepak Chopra, Esther Hicks so forth and so on…- all of them speaking skillfully about consciousness and frequencies, quantum physics, the Universal Field, metaphysics,
The Law of Attraction, the one more interesting than the other…

And yet…The result of all this intelligent verbosity is null! ZERO…!

It doesn´t fucking make sense…Not that what they come up with is without value,
but were the things they said really powerful and worth-while, you could feel this improved state they talk about, everywhere around you.

Instead what…in everyday life humans are more and more absent and disturbed, more senselessly aloof and aggressive, reckless, greedy and self-absorbed…

Paradoxically, despite the information and incredible sophisticated means at hand, Stupidity is growing exponentially reaching alarming levels.

It is truly an insurmountable gap.

The masses are always the way they are. But if all these New Age prophets were
genuinely and virtually dedicated, they would probably manage
TO BRING ABOUT A REAL, PALPABLE CHANGE. You would just feel it naturally…

Albeit they being well articulated and probably well-intentioned, I really suspect most of them being no more than a bunch of counterfeits.

They are most likely not aware, but they are as deceitful as the age they are a part of.

A new sense of Unity

We need a sense of unity, not an Idea of unity. 

Not an ideology of unity, because if there was an ideology of unity it was Communism
and the pieces are still FALLING from the explosion of that system of thought.

We need a feeling of unity which doesn´t come out of intellectual exhortation,
but out of a personal act of courage, made by the individual.


Surrender is the opposite side of the coin of Ego!

The central issue of our times is our inability to surrender to what we know is right.

The question is, can we change our minds fast enough?

The hour is late, the clock is ticking. We will be judged very harshly if we fumble the ball.

Let´s not whore ourselves to nitwit ideologies, let´s not give the control to the
least among us!

You simply have to turn your neck to a culture that has gone sterile and dead and
get with the programme of a living world, and re-empowerment of the imagination.

– Terence McKenna

Habit, banality and hypocrisy

She says:
“It frustrates me that many people are happy in their banality… crap tv, pampering and primping themselves, getting wasted… all part of current society. You cannot reach these people, they are not ready. So don’t waste thought on trying – BUT there ARE people who can and do want to be reached… and for them, isn’t it worth it?
Small ripples…”

Can you see how your ego plays tricks on you?.
I write these words to you now. Who are these many people who are happy in their banality? What do we know about them…? Who is there to see them?

When we see others “getting wasted” we kind of unconsciously observe our own dissipation in the process, don´t we…?

Of course, “all part of current society”, society being of course, you and me.
“You cannot reach these people, they are not ready” you say. The question is:


Which parts of you are ready and which ones are not…?

Can you see your own escape strategy…? Can you see your own banality…?
Can you see that your hypocrisy frustrates you…? Indeed, do I venture to see my own
hypocrisy and banality…?

Just ponder:

As long as we won´t break free from habit and inertia, understanding that a mind
caught in mechanical repetition is not and cannot be alive – thus not capable of
Love – we will remain frustrated, living in banal and futile hypocrisy.

An inconvenient truth

Our stupidity, cowardice, vanity, sloth and unhappiness make billion dollar business.
Alcohol, fashion, pharmaceuticals, drugs, pornography, entertainment, politics.

Fear of problems, fear of responsibility

I just heard all too many times the same question:


“How shall I do it, how shall I find the solution, how shall I proceed? Can you give me an example?”

What they say is with other words:

Can you take the burden off my shoulders, can you release me from my responsibility to find a real sustainable answer for myself? Can you help me forget…?

Well…No one can. Or if they “can”, be sure they will enslave you even more. Cause this is what tradition and dogma is about – to capitalize on your fear to find out Who you are.

In asking “how”, it intrinsically means that we´re afraid of a real confrontation with ourselves, by refusing to stay with the problem; in fact when we don´t see the urgency of it, we want to get rid of it, rushing to another false answer, to a solution which in its turn will generate even more conflict and confusion. Due to this frustration, we end up blaming the neighbour, the wealthy, our poiticians, our gods, the arabs, the jews or whoever. We go from conflict to confusion, and from confusion to another interminable conflict ending up mute and numb stupidly denying everything around us.

We keep forgetting that our unresolved problems create false relation to everything, that ultimately escaping our issues create false authority –  our governments with all its subtle or gross instruments of propaganda and oppression commensurate our fear and lack of responsibility.

Can we see this mechanism clearly? Can we see that everything is our creation?

It is a lonely and strenuous undertaking to face ourselves. There is no real authority there. WE ARE ALONE IN THIS PURSUIT – no Jesus, no Buddha, no one…but You.

Let’s stop looking for consolation outwardly!

When you are hungry, you feel the urgency of your hunger. It doesn´t help that I remind you that you ate yesterday. You have to eat now.

Unless we consider our problems with the same urgency, we will create even more suffering, confusion and an ever more oppressive State.

To see is to act

He says:

I see what you are saying and agree in a certain way… but maybe I don’t see and understand…

So, just to help me clarify, how about an example:
I say “Right NOW Monsanto is spilling poisons into this environment that are NOW migrating and are NOW adversely affecting my son’s health and life.
You say?

My answer:

Undoubtedly, irrefutable facts have to be given all our serious attention.
Now, if we have a reasonably comprehensive intelligence, we understand that nothing – and I really mean Nothing – exists outside a context, that indeed, nothing can be viewed in isolation.

Everything is intertwined. Life is one, all its aspects are interconnected.

We have to have a clear perception as to what happens Now, but we also have to consider things in a wider perspective. The answer may be elsewhere, where we don´t dare to look.

Who is this Monsanto? Isn´t this Monsanto our invention? That is, could Monsanto have existed without our cowardice and ignorance? You see, you and me have built this society – what they do, we do. We are poisoning our own life with our lies, our arrogant unsustainable lifestyle stems from this lies, but we are reluctant to consider that.

We have to act. That means that we have to look inside and scrutinize ourselves. When a sufficient number of people wake up and see the urgent inward and outward threat, the right action will be taken.


Here is the naked truth

I said it before, many times I feel very insecure as I find myself expressing things not knowing if they apply at all, as almost nobody is interested to hear.

Despite the innumerable books, and so-called specialists versed in spirituality or psychology, very few venture into the real Cause, never digging deeply to the core of reality.

So here I am, confronting the things almost nobody wants to admit, things that “happen” to everybody, yet no one wants to approve.

It is hard and terribly unrewarding to undertake this seemingly impossible journey. It feels lonely like hell. Only few have the guts to take the trouble of confronting immediate reality, watching closely and putting the right words to current things.

I feel like I am totally on my own, surrounded by cowards and liars. It is worse than an ice desert. You dig with your bare hands. You try to speak out of the impending state of things, and no one will listen.

“You exaggerate, it´s not so bad” they say. But IT IS BAD… We are on the verge of bankruptcy, if not totally bankrupt already. Not only in economy but in every area of life. WE ARE IN DEEP CRISIS.

The situation is very critical and what it really makes me mad, is that almost no one wants to admit this. Because, this is in fact why things are so bad – WE REFUSE TO LOOK DIRECTLY AT WHAT HAPPENS. They all go ahead with their futile undertaking, without ever looking around comprehending that everything is intertwined – your problem is mine and my issues are yours.

Examples?…I have plenty, but I´ll  just make my point with these two: someone I know said yesterday ” I feel kind of empty, I kind of lost my motivation in life…”Let´s talk” I said amiably, it sounds like a depression.”OH NO I AM NOT DEPRESSED and besides I´m kind of busy”…Of course, he is depressed but he is not depressed…And he was very busy: I saw him later on wandering aimlessly around…

Later on yesterday, I saw a girl, poor thing, she looked as if she had just got released from a concentration camp. I was in complete shock. I swear to God, I´ve never seen before such a flagrant case of anorexia. She looked literally like a skeleton. She sat there with her father at the same spot where I was, pretending all was well. I couldn´t believe my eyes…”Am I the only one to see her predicament…?” I asked absolutely appalled someone sitting next to me.

“OH, THEY ALL SEE ALL RIGHT, IT´S JUST THAT THEY DON´T DARE TO SAY ANYTHING”, came the answer. Don´t we all do the same…?

This girl is a metaphor for our soul. We are all spiritually starved, anorexic and dying, but pretending all is well…

You feel like crying out to people – ARE YOU ALL TOTALLY NUTS…? WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH YOU…?

Malraux put it very well – “either we are going to be religious, or we are not going to be at all”.
So here is the real crisis: YOU AND ME.

The relation between you and me. There can never exist a real relation between us, unless we both OPEN OUR HEARTS, and back each other to a sane relation to Self, to Being. ISOLATION FROM SELF MEANS DISEASE IN EVERY RESPECT! Only through contact with Self, humanity regains its humanity.

We are nothing without contact with Source. Nothing…Only dust, vanity, and superfluous rattling.

If we don´t admit this very reason for our misery and continue with this hypocrisy and these absurd and shameless lies we obstinately hold about ourselves and life, refusing to stand up and expressly claim This Imminent Truth, then we all deserve this dire fate.

Is it a real option to remain unware?

More and more people are beginning to realize this :

“Nothing is truly unrelated to the broader context we live in, nothing is without impact.  What we buy around the corner may result in someone’s pain or death on the other side of the globe.  How we get from A to B may mean the destruction of people or other species.

Our choices in life – from an immediate, self-gratifying activity, to our vote — can have impacts we aren’t even aware of. And ONE OF OUR CHOICES IS TO REMAIN UNAWARE. It’s so easy. When a little awareness seeps in, we become uncomfortable — so we watch another episode of Seinfeld or Canadian Idol, and feel okay again…”
(a fragment from

My comment:

What requires really in order make people renounce their petty comfort zone?… Do we need a disaster, a nature calamity, a war, so we can start questioning our narrow-minded patterns…?

One of our choices is of course to remain “unaware”. But each and everyone´s cowardice, may have dire consequences for us all…