Look no further – the real battle is going on inwardly

It´s there you need to conquer and go beyond
the blind legacy which spawned this present-day chaos.

So either you win over the evil heritage and thus reclaim a life in light and awareness, or you´ll be devoured by monstruous undercurrents which will relentlessly drag you into numbness and torpor.

I blame you for the things I refuse to admit in myself

Most of the things we say about others, are the things we obfuscate and have a hard time admitting in ourselves…Isn´t it so? – we blame others for our unwillingness to look at ourselves…

Human nature in a nutshell: “I am neither interested to consider, or genuinely inclined to examine myself…”- although we so skillfully claim the opposite…Really…we play
hide-and-seek with ourselves. With life…

We secretly want to be in power, that is, to remain separated…Only so I can blame you for my self-harm…Only so I am entitled to attack you.

My self-defense turns you into my enemy….My self-defense justifies my violence.

We love to remain the victims of our own refusal to see…- because, only by playing unconscious, I can make you responsible for my pain…