The age of counterfeits

No, but really…

It really goes on my nerves:

All these smart guys like Gregg Bradden, Wayne Diar, Donald Neale Walsh, David Ike, Deepak Chopra, Esther Hicks so forth and so on…- all of them speaking skillfully about consciousness and frequencies, quantum physics, the Universal Field, metaphysics,
The Law of Attraction, the one more interesting than the other…

And yet…The result of all this intelligent verbosity is null! ZERO…!

It doesn´t fucking make sense…Not that what they come up with is without value,
but were the things they said really powerful and worth-while, you could feel this improved state they talk about, everywhere around you.

Instead what…in everyday life humans are more and more absent and disturbed, more senselessly aloof and aggressive, reckless, greedy and self-absorbed…

Paradoxically, despite the information and incredible sophisticated means at hand, Stupidity is growing exponentially reaching alarming levels.

It is truly an insurmountable gap.

The masses are always the way they are. But if all these New Age prophets were
genuinely and virtually dedicated, they would probably manage
TO BRING ABOUT A REAL, PALPABLE CHANGE. You would just feel it naturally…

Albeit they being well articulated and probably well-intentioned, I really suspect most of them being no more than a bunch of counterfeits.

They are most likely not aware, but they are as deceitful as the age they are a part of.

Watch out for false prophets

I wrote this post some time ago. It is ripe time to put it on front page again. Here it is:

“This world is full of false prophets.

You need an incredible discernment to recognize them, as they are often “brilliant”. They can possess a conspicuous “knowledge”, write and talk skillfully about various life-matters and human conduct. But at the end of the day, their teaching is of no avail, misleading, as it is often hollow, and has no real bearing in real life.

One spectacular case is Bhagwan, or Osho as he later called himself. I read many of his books. This man in many ways was a genius, highly educated, an erudite even, and yet, despite all, he was an impostor. I am not referring to his having 100 Rolls-Royce cars, it´s not that. My point is that his teaching is like a mirage, and although he sais everything “right”, it feels unsubstantiated and deceitful.

Another interesting character is Deepak Chopra. I am acquainted with most of his writings. What it is remarkable, is that his books had a great impact on me, they felt genuine…till the time when I went to a lecture he held in Stockholm some year ago.

I paid almost 200 dollars to see a greedy, conceited man, basically quoting his last book throughout the whole day, saying nothing but grandiloquent rubbish. I was shocked, I swear to God, I could have held a better reading myself.

Donald Neale Walsch has written Conversations with God. This trilogy meant really something for me back in 2001. But when I watched him on Youtube and looked through his last books, I realize this guy has gone totally astray.

Robert Sharma is another member in this club. Incredible pompous rubbish, an absurd and cheap caricature of what spiritual life is about.

Now, these men are often popular and make a lot of money, but at the end of the day, after dealing with them, you are more confused and miserable than before.

Now, if you are honest and genuinely interested in finding out the Truth, you may want to get acquainted with the writings of Jiddu Krishnamurti or Eckhart Tolle.

These two however, are real teachers.

What they say is highly pertinent and substantiated. Krishnamurti has a rather intransigent way of putting things, which may be hard to digest.

Eckart Tolle instead, has an incredible ability to verbalize, lucidly conveying difficult issues in plain language, spreading light and giving Real Solutions to the problems we all encounter.

You may want to read his Power of Now.”

PS Recently, I saw a short video on Youtube  with E. Tolle discussing with Donald Neale Walsch. The latter – to my great surprise – recognized sincerely that he cannot implement his own teaching in his own life. That he kind of feels a sham. The good thing is that he confirmed my words, saying that Tolle is the one who is really genuine in his teaching.

The hat down for mr. Waslsh – it means that, after all, he is on the road to authenticity.