Can we grasp Reality in a direct, immediate, unconditioned way?

Every opinion, no matter how “right”, is a just a fragment of reality. Can a fragment ever understand the whole picture?

Can we see clearly that, without exception, every definition or explanation deprive us of our freedom to explore?

I could give you “explanantions” as to why Life shuns all definitions, but that won´t bring you any real benefit as you will most likely begin to compare with what you already know, and this creates more confusion. I think is far more important fo find out for yourself.

If you read this, you may have come to the point of realizing that all definitions are senseless, and this is a good sign. You seem to heed your inner urge for real answers.

The quest is about emptying the mind, as only a clear mind is able to have a direct experience.

How can we have a clear mind when education, school, society has had us follow and conform only to given patterns?The whole idea of teaching and learning is built on conditioning, can you see that?

Real answers will come to you only if you start to question your conditioning, if you have the guts…

Our factual and perceptual knowledge is pure vanity

She writes:

But it isn’t seizing is it? What you describe is letting things wash over me, through me, choosing to be passive. Perhaps I have a difficult time assimilating what is meant because I do not have my definition of happiness yet. I do accept that projection is not reality but what you have described to me about happiness sounds a lot like the expanding universe. Let me try to explain what I mean, I have never understood what they mean when they say the universe is expanding, what is the space it is expanding into? Do you understand where I am coming from? If, when I reach this state of happiness, I am more than my thoughts and emotions, what is that exactly? Lets say I am disconnected from everything and there is no ebb and flow and just a stream of constant non reaction, how is that happiness? I agree that it is freedom to an extent, from pain and loneliness perhaps, but is it happiness?


Just linger a second with this question:
Who is the inner authority wanting to find the definition of happiness?…I am not playing with words?…Who is it…?

Every definition deals with “the known”, doesn´t it? Just consider: Whatever is “known” is an invariable reiteration of the old, can you see this…? Happiness belongs to the “unknown”, as it is ever “new” – It is as fresh as every single breath of yours. Thus, how can something old grasp something vividly immediate which escapes name…?

Is there any definition to be applied to Happiness…? Let´s face it – there is not. Understand that every definition is the derivative of knowledge, and whatever we know is outmoded and conditioned.

The known is constant boundary whereas the unknown is blissfully boundless. Our actual perception fails to rightly connect with “the unknown” – it´s like trying to measure the ocean with a cup of tea…not so wise…isn´t it? And yet that´s what we and our science invariably endeavour…

You come to realize more and more that our factual and perceptual instruments to measure The Unknown are totally ineffective…If you use your cup to drink tea it´s all fine, but the moment we try to empty the ocean with it, transforming the cup into The Only Instrument of knowledge, we obviously have a serious problem.

It can be fun maybe to try to empty the ocean with a cup – after all, it gives many something to do – but if you go on trying “to reach this state of happiness” through definitions, through purposely inquiring helped by your intellect – your cup of tea -, even in 10 lifetimes you will be still searching in vain…

Very few are willing to admit this – our tools to understand Life or Happiness, are preposterously inadequate. We are caught in a paradoxical hopelessness: if our knowledge and its factual and perceptual instruments are pure vanity, do we then have any ability to fathom anything at all?…

This hopelessness is a real blow for the ego…I have faced it…it is utterly disconcerting. Many cannot take it, cause who would they be if it shows that whatever they consciously believed in and struggled for shows to be nothing but futility…?

In this state of realizing the vanity of whatever “conscious strife” something happens within…You realize your impuissance, and let everything crumble. Realizing your powerlessness means “to let go”…This can cause tremendous pain, or not…It is all depending of how “heavily armed” your ego is…your so-called inner authority.

Having faced this hopelessness you begin to be quiet inside of you – there is nothing to do…You start maybe realizing that “thy will be done” are not mere words…You begin to quietly and efficiently observe you egotic “emptiness”. You understand that life or happiness is not about being either passive ar active. All concepts begin to dissipate. Neither action or inaction. Neither thought or emotion. Neither ebb nor flow…No pain, no loneliness.


You´ll also realize that Life is also a sum of all these things too. Both the presence and the absence of everything there is…Immediate comprehending this is also part of the deal…

Accordingly, Happiness is not freedom “from something”…Happiness embraces all there is, and yet it has no thought, it has no mind…

It is nothing to reach. as it is there all the time…

A thought-provoking dialogue

Take a moment and read this! It can be rewarding: 😉

The reader:

And you would think that this post would have provoked at least one comment! I think liking posts is an easier method of showing appreciation. The lazy way. I’ve liked lots of your posts; they have resonated with me, gave me glimmers of inspiration, were thought-provoking etc. And I can be honest – I was being lazy and liking certain posts here and there and then thinking I would go back and reassess them based on their relevance according to how I was feeling that day. Then I would actually dive in for some dialogue. But that never took place because I got distracted and never referenced what I previously liked. And therefore I made commenting much more complicated in my head thus making it seem much more burdensome to actually do because my expectations were way out-of-place. Yes indeed. So I think if you’re striving to spark threads of communication then only being liked is not satisfactory enough.

I find it nice to be liked or I would like to replace liked with ‘appreciated’ on this platform. As I mentioned to you previously that my initial premise was to write a blog without readers thus I wouldn’t feel subconsciously obliged to present myself a certain way. But yes, that was very silly of me to assume this. Oh the verbosity.
So I would like to engage in some discussions. But the first word that comes to mind when I read this specific post was fairy dust. And that’s not to be rude, crass or funny, it just popped into my mind. This new magical awareness brings about images of unicorns as well. A princess fairytale game. I would not like that reality. I do sort of think if you started redefining words with alternate meanings it would make it even harder to awaken together. This specific post is too mystical and not quite on the same wavelength to where my current perception resides. I’m still trying to claim my personal interpretation of love. What is love for you? How do you currently define, re-define your perception? I am honestly quite exhausted and cannot be awakened just yet. My thoughts are not fluid. But I definitely want to know how you interpret love?


Thanks for your comment!

I am glad to know that many of my posts resonated with you. I like the way you put it: ”glimmers of inspiration” – it sounds great. Sometimes I manage to catch the
ever-fleeing essence, sometimes not – the outcome may be less convincing than the initial creative urge.

I always stress the importance of doing things right away. Procrastination is a real issue for most of us. We indulge in different kind of distractions, instead of following the fragile golden thread and acting here and now. When we escape the immediate urge, the simplest thing becomes a “complication in the head”, a burden, and as we missed the spontaneous moment, we feel ” way out-of-place.”

Consequently, it´s all about taking and recognizing the challenge of the moment and responding appropriately and unobtrusively. You say:

“This new magical awareness brings about images of unicorns as well. A princess fairytale game. I would not like that reality.”

It is so easy to stumble in semantics, isn´t it?…If we are to get some kind of clear picture, we somehow have to go either “behind” or “beyond” words. You are right though – I pondered a while whether to use or not “magic” in that particular context.

There is always the risk of falling into the trap of verbosity. That´s why I try to be as short and coherent in my posts, with the risk of falling into the trap of oversimplifying. I didn´t use a “New Magic Reality” refering to fairy tales or unicorns, God forbid ! 🙂 Like “love”, the word “magic” has lost its powerful initial sense, becoming some kind of “New Age babble”.

I am an artist and a poet above all. The term “magic” has a totally different meaning in my using it. It has some kind of “poetical approach.” I prefer Goethe´s and da Vinci´s idea of life, than all religious prattle or sensible scientific “so it is”.

To me, a switch of awareness is magic. Consciousness in its pure form is magic. Ultimately, in my experience, The Universe is more similar to a magic interplay of forces, than a Newtonian model. Quantum physics is a vivid evidence of what I am saying now.

Again, it is easy to miss the overpowering picture because of inherent language barriers and interpretations.

My question to you is: where does your current perception reside just now?

What exactly is exhausting you?

And further:…Can we through different points of view or comparison ever find out what Love is? Is Love – or Perception – a question of interpretation, something we can define or re-define?

I will venture – responding to your last question – to put in few words what Love is about: total self-oblivion.
That ineffable reality beyond opposites, which shuns all words or definitions.