Beyond definition

There has always been something you were looking for, something hardly definable which eluded all classification, something more resembling a sweet scent, than a palpable reality.

They all said I was chasing a delusion.
I say that this concrete world we take for real is the biggest bogus, and that the
non-existent, is more “real” than real.

Being transcends willfulness and understanding

I am so fucking tired of all these conceited gurus teaching this bullshit “Be here and now”.

Being is beyond question, beyond approach. “Be here” consequently, can never be reached by an act of intention – as every intention is another distortion…another subterfuge…


Could our interpretations drive us to misery?

Could yogic and Buddhist philosophies be correct when they tell us we suffer from delusion, and that ignorance of our true situation roots us in torment?

Delusion and self-denial will never know what Love is

amiasleep says:

So if I know myself I’ll find love because I’ll love myself?
What if I just want someone else to love me even if I hate myself?

I remember reading another post of yours where you say something like loving others or being loved by others is not real? Because they only love what we represent to them?

If that is the reality, then perhaps it is better to be deluded and live in self-denial for I do not think that most (myself included) will have the courage to face such utter despair and loneliness.


This is a hard one.

I wish there was someone so perfectly capable as to love you even when you hate yourself.
That person should be really enlightened, almost a saint – and the thing is that
we are short of saints in our days.
The fact of the matter is that we attract others who are on the same frequency of emotion – with other words, behind appearance, you will manifest someone with the same issue: self-hate.
It is quite logical, isn´t it?

For sure, this is hard to take, but most people today are stuck in projection, and as they are conditioned by their (mis)representation, they can neither see themselves or you…

You see, if these were only “words”…

Only confronting the utmost loneliness – which, for sure, is taken for “despair”,
as that entails the death of projection and representation – only, in that readiness of unconditionally facing yourself, the mind can renew itself, finding its innocence and then – and only then -, can you know what Love is about…

Of course, you can hide yourself behind delusion and self-denial, but know that sooner or later, you won´t be able to escape yourself – the bubble will burst with an unpleasant bang.

I wish you lucidity to see this!

When Fear is dispelled, Being shines in its original being-ness

Sue Dreamwalker says:

When we understand that there is no Death we will then not fear to die. To me when we take that final breath in this world and enter the next.. That to me is the greatest adventure…. as we explored this one with our senses… I hope we will learn much along this journey, to pack with us in our suitcase for the next one which lays in everyone’s next Venture!

Just to remind you this Sue:

The thorough understanding is about consciously dying moment by moment. That implies the realization of the secret of being whole and connected to everything there is NOW.

Every breath is both “initial” and “final” – I know it sounds scary, but so it is…When we say “along the journey” we kind of indulge again in delusion; a beautiful delusion though, but still delusion, ugly or beautiful, remains a delusion.

There is nothing to pack you see…nothing to take with us…Whatever we bear with us is only illusion…There is everything to let go of, the utter act of emptying ourselves completely in this very second, is The Thing. Not easy, I know…I still find myself being caught in deception many times.

First in that disrobed presence, when the witness and the witnessed dissolves, when there is no trace of “next experience”, of time perception or postponing, then and only then we may get to know DIRECTLY what is “behind the veil” of life and death.

There is no greater Venture than knowing this, in this very moment. There is nothing to know “along the journey”, there is no such thing as “next” left…
TRUTH IS WITHOUT CONSEQUENCE. With other words, “next” applies only when it comes to illusion. Awakening is the total interruption of linearity…

Where there is total interruption of time, linearity, and thought, in that immediate perception Fear ceases its existence…-and the dream of duality ends.
First when Fear is dispelled, Being shines in its original being-ness. And what is “left” then, is pure Knowing, knowing you, as You…:)

A great dialogue between me and Thomas


Been “away” for a bit but this weekend am back. Was busy with other tasks – but also the old tug of evading the real.

So happy to see that you are still at it. Relentlessly. Excellent.

“Stay right where you are…” You trigger the thought – where else could I be except perhaps in some delusion or lost in looking forward or back? “Dig where you are.” To be rooted in the present moment. Yes.

Before I start writing again, I wanted to come to the places of the great writers, artists, and thinkers I’ve connected with in past months. This place is surely one of my most cherished haunts.

Good to be back.

So good to hear from you Tom.

You just gave yourself the answer. Utterly speaking, there are “other tasks”, as long as we evade from The real.

When we understand that evading brings no actual benefit, we realize that every most minute detail or “task” IS THE TASK :) – a task derived from grateful and undivided presence – Love and Wholeness…

So it is: “where else could I be except perhaps in some delusion or lost in looking forward or back?” Yes, we can successfully “deal” with the past or future only when rooted in the present. We have to bring everything in the highlight of Now…

In this insight, even delusion becomes reason for joy, trust me on that! :)

I am so grateful for your honest and amiable appreciation. It means quite a lot!

Thomas´ blog:

Do we hear each other?

Realityenchented says:

I do follow your thoughts.

We are good ranters and poor hearers.
We learn poorly.
We get emptier this way.
Love re-named a monologue.
Men! I’m stuffed.
I hear you loud and clear.
I think I hear you.

I hope I hear you.


There is no doubt about that:
I hear that you hear. And your hearing reaffirms my thoughts. These thoughts seem to be
your thoughts as well, and that makes me hopeful and grateful.

Albeit our present rather scary predicament, we are a few who start to hear each other – and that is the beginning of true change. When a handful of dedicated souls start hearing, this world has a fair chance to undergo a real transformation…


Pray we be hearing right. Else we be just another group of deluded fellows who think they see.

Perhaps the whole world will change.
Or perhaps many will still resist the wake-up cry, numb to the reality of it all.


Reality as it presents itself right now, is disheartening. Unquestionably,
it has never been so critically desperate and depressing – seemingly irredeemable I would say, it sure
takes guts to admit this.

Are we another group of deluded fellows?…How can we know…? What I know, is that there is an unwavering certainty within me, an inner reassuring voice which never fails me. When I hear it, I know that I hear. And I also hear when I am heard…

For sure, many will keep resisting…playing numb and

The question is – will we resist…?

Will you…?

You are not a day older than you think you are

 It is so weird.

Lately, I´ve been bumping into people I used to know from the time I went to the Music Academy in Stockholm. They are my age or little older. It was rather perplexing to see that they have taken the kind of “old man´s atittude” you recognize from people of advanced age…

How can I describe this sordid demeanour? It is basically fear…Yes, fear and suspicion. But also unhappiness,  resentment, disappointment, bitter restlessness…

Indeed I could detect also some kind of vindictiveness. I could see in their glances that they felt sort of cheated…who fooled, disappointed and deceived them…?

For sure, society with its false and detestably empty promises, this erroneous Zeitgeist which has no inkling as to what life and living is about. By all means, they have their share of fault, to have allowed to be deceived by the cheap ubiquitous propaganda, not having had the courage to examine the reality of things.

One example is a guy I know – he is 45, quite a good musician, and since he already sees himself as an old man, he has given up…Life is already gone, according to him. Another jazz pianist is around 50 and because he thinks he is too old, he has attracted all thinkable diseases. A striking example is a woman, once famous opera singer – a gifted person, you never expected her to fall victim of such fear and deception. Making a name for herself and an international career was no guarantee that she would find insight…I hardly recognized her, she had become a shadow of herself…

Isn´t it so, the most cherished things in this world, like success, fame, career, count for nothing in terms of real understanding of life…

As a conspicuous contrast that ageing is relative, I met a very nice Swedish man some months ago. We were both looking to a beautifully maintained Volvo from´62. I don´t much care for cars, but that automobile was a jewel, we couldn´t take our eyes off it. An old but gorgeous, kind of “smiling” red car in perfect shape. Such a great metaphor for life…

We started to talk in wonderment over that beauty. We continued chatting as we were heading in the same direction.

You could guess this guy was a former athlete, he was so vital and alive, kind of younger than a youngster – he was talking with brusque and vivid gestures, smiling with a twinkle in his eye. Great encounter. I couldn´t help asking him at some point, how old he was.

“Have a guess”, he said rather amused. It was a hard one. He sort of felt ageless, exuding so much contagious force, well-being and gaiety. I gathered he was somewhere between 45 – 52. He was pleased. “Ha, I am 85…”, he exclaimed roguishly.

I couldn´t believe my ears. He was laughing copiously. “What´s your secret”, I asked dumbfounded.

“You see, I´ve always kept my body and mind in constant exercise. I also have a beautiful wife 40 years younger. But the most important:

Everything is here”, pointing almost solemnly to his head, “you are not a day older than what you think you are…

Says C.G.Jung

“With a truly tragic delusion,” Carl Jung noted, “these theologians fail to see that it is not a matter of proving the existence of the light, but of blind people who do not know that their eyes could see. It is high time we realized that it is pointless to praise the light and preach it if nobody can see it. It is much more needful to teach people the art of seeing.”