Dictatorship and so-called democracy

In dictatorship, someone is using you the way he pleases. In democracy,
you have the right to choose someone using you the way he pleases.

You have the right to be unhappy

Most humans want to punish others for their being unhappy.
Unhappiness is virtue. We live in democracy – if I suffer, I have to make you suffer.

What the hell…Suffering is our pride.

If we are miserable you must be miserable too.

Sweden and the the right to remain stupid

Sweden hasn´t had a war for more than 200 years. They call themselves modern, but they never really exposed themselves to modernity. Not partaking in the destiny and calamities of Europe for these last two centuries, Swedes persist to live in some kind of timeless aloofness. This has had its great advantages – in many respects people have retained some kind of unsophisticated middle age purity, undisturbed by any external influence.

On the other hand, the life habits and demeanour have remained exceptionally obsolete and inexplicably weird.

Indeed, there are many weird things in this country – above all the mentality, and the conspicuous fear for whatever is different and beyond reason…metaphysics doesn´t exist here.

Still today, they don´t recognize their greatest seer Emanuel Swedenborg.

To give a more accurate image, in Swedish the word Mind doesn´t exist…Quite peculiar, don´t you think?
Imagine the implication…
There is an equivalent word after all – Sinne. But “sinne” actually means
sense or inclination…To risk being cynical – which is not the case -,
Intellect is banned over here…Despite many good things, Swedes are really stuck in their provincialism, bigotry and unspeakable narrow-mindedness.

It´s highly surprising that I seem to be the only one describing this country in this way. Many see reality in a similar manner, but they never have the courage to talk openly.

Cowardice is proverbial here – to be neutral, means to take no position for either good or bad. Everything has to be pale, lukewarm and diffuse. If you have a clear standpoint, and display a strong personality, you have reason to worry – you are considered a trouble maker. The sin of being intelligent is severely punished. You can live happily as a hermit, as you will have no friends.

YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO QUESTION – or theoretically you can…and become a master in monologue…

Freedom here is to be like someone else. We are democratic, meaning that we all better remain stupid, unobtrusive and obedient to the system and the common view – pack mentality is the thing. If you have the nerve to be an individualist and have your own opinion, you become persona non grata. That is why, there are almost never any intelligent and pertinent debates, cause that would cause disturbance…


Now, isn´t it peculiar how Swedes are known to be great peace makers, the great perpetrators of human rights, examples of flawless correctitude, but in effect, swedish democracy – the only sustainable system so far – , is about the right to be stupid, submissive and tight-lipped.

Shut up and be free!