What if there are no problems, after all?…

What if all so-called problems are contrived?
What if absolutely everything that takes place has been predestined?

If these things were true…
Then perhaps we should speak about perspective before we speak about relation.

If these things were true then a paradigm shift in our way of thinking would be required to properly align ourselves with the source of that predestination.

There are problems – there are no problems.
All problems are, as you say, contrived.

Now…what was first? Perspective or relation?…Everything existing is in intrinsic Relation. There is no such thing as non-relation, although, for sure, that´s what humans call relation. The non-relation renders of course the warped perspective – which is the separate and biased “me”…

Is this I predestined?…Or does it dream itself as predestination?…

The paradigm shift cannot take place until this warped “me”, with all its idiosynchracies and problems is seen for exactly what it is – a non-relation. So I would say that where there is Relation – which is Love – there are no problems. And in all likelihood, no predestination. As the destined and the predestined are both contained in intrinsic relation.