To live entangled as Ego, is to not live at all.
In the sense that the false Ego will vehemently
work against and cut you off from your true Destiny.
From your real Life.

Can we ever heal an evil destiny?

I got this following letter from a reader. With his permission I post it here – cause really, his predicament surpasses my ability to give him a proper answer. So maybe those of you reading this might have a clue out of his plight.

Here it is:

“I am truly puzzled.

There is something within me which somehow quashes and steals my healthy perception. To such extent that I end up being a stranger in my own life – insofar as I am out of touch with my potential.

I am not a so-called religious person, but my situation can be very well illustrated with this excerpt:

“I practice the very evil that I do not want. But if I am doing the very thing I do not want, I am no longer the one doing it, but sin which dwells in me.”- Romans 7-20

Thing is that this malevolent energy is at work in anything I undertake. With other words, everything fails me – be it job projects, relations, or love affairs.


It feels many times that I am under some kind of spell. I am aware that this sounds far-fetched and unrealistic. But I see this happening obsessively around me.

It´s as if my Destiny is the reckless play of these blind forces inside of me.

So my question to you is this:

Have you ever experienced that in your own life?

Do you therefore have any idea HOW one can deal with and neutralize this outlandish energy thieves?

Sometimes I wonder if I should seek the help of a shaman of sorts to help me out of this spell which really poisons and robes me of my life force?…”

You will never find what you seek by seeking it

– Jeff Foster

Have Faith

You can never miss what is bound to happen.

You are not your life story

“Briefly, for me, non-attachment to feelings and/or ideas is the ability to watch, feel and experience without believing the narrative that might accompany the feelings or the experience and then being able to respond if appropriate rather than reacting.

It’s about living in the moment and surrendering to the unknown.”

Monica Cassani

How true her words ring here, as if she was talking to me: I realize awestricken that
my feelings are telling me a very treacherous story about myself.

This is such a trap:

Will I continue listening and identifying with this false tale about who I am?

Whose drama am I living which calls itself “me”?

Most of us are the convicts of our life stories. With an iron grip, these ageless narratives keep us hopelessly stuck in dreams which are not our own.

I take it again: unbeknownst, we live out ancestral nightmares, which constantly
deprive us of directly experiencing our true individuality – Who We Truly Are.

This blind heritage has enormous power – no wonder, it has been inertially perpetuated through immemorial time – and if you are urged to live your true Life Story, you urgently need to break free from these haunting, faceless memories.

Easier said than done. The combat is not a “literal” one – it must take place on very deep levels in your soul. It is there, inside these elusive layers that your earthly destiny is decided. Thus, you have to delve in and take on the “fight” on the symbolic, archetypal plane, where our Fate is “sealed”.

In plain English:

You need an incredible lucidity, courage, sensitivity and determination to let go of and disindentify from the stories which give themselves to be “you”.

These narratives control you mainly through your feelings, and you need to have the
power to step back and question the truth of your emotions.

Defy all these phantoms which steal you from You.



Ask yourself lucidly:


Whatever you suppress in your inner life will be played out as Destiny

Yes, your words do make sense, however I find it hard to relax and surrender. I am about to turn 24 this weekend, I am out of Post Grad school, in a new job and I burden myself with the responsibilities of my parents and my home. I feel I am duty bound to be happy and lively for the sake of others, like I don’t have time for my sorrow. I have to learn things at my job, do well, be fast, be up and about and all the while be cheerful and active…while in reality my mind wants to drown itself in whatever I am feeling today, stay indoors, cry, sit silent…but I can’t. Hence I end up telling myself “tomorrow you have to get better”.

I hate this conscious vacillation of emotions…but I have made myself believe that I can’t afford the luxury of surrendering to my depressed mind.

I don’t know what will be the result of my surrendering to depression, to this state of my mind. But I am truly scared of it now because I don’t know if I let myself fall, how if at all I will ever, come back up to the surface. 

I hate this conscious vacillation of emotions…but I have made myself believe that I can’t afford the luxury of surrendering to my depressed mind.

“I am duty bound to be happy and lively for the sake of others, like I don’t have time for my sorrow.”- you say.

You see, I am far from giving you advises. Depression is an insidious process. It worsens, unless you consider it with loving attention. The thing is though that if you don´t have time for your sorrow now and deliberately postpone it, at some point, it will force you to take time and heed it. The more you flee, the more vehement it becomes.

Whatever you suppress in your inner life will be played out as Destiny around you.

The more you overlook the unpleasant emotions, the more complex and difficult to handle they will be, as they will sink into your subconscious mind, enhancing the gap within…

To the extent you can, think a little more of yourself. Put your predicament on the first place, because if you get in real trouble, nobody will be able to help – as most of the psychologists or psychiatrists today are afraid of courageously delving into these levels of the soul, impartially and professionally shedding light on the problem. That because they all suffer from the same disease – like most people today.

You say:

“I don’t know what will be the result of my surrendering to depression. I am truly scared of it now because I don’t know if I let myself fall, how if at all I will ever, come back up to the surface.”

Now – you may realize that it is the fear within you saying these words. It is this Fear which is afraid to look into its own nature, and lose the control over you.

You see, there are regressive levels within us which are not very pleased if we recover. These energies are very sneaky, as your success to get well is their failure, and your failure to recover from depression is their success.

So…this is what I can share with you, hoping you will hear with the heart.

Wisdom and Word – the tools against the dark and blind forces

Obviously, most people give their power away, because it is to damn difficult to find out for yourself, and so they invent some outer authority – the so-called State – which compensates the inner lack of contact with their inherent power.

MOST PEOPLE ARE AFRAID TO FIND OUT THEIR TRUE DESTINY, as it is excruciatingly difficult to individuate.

It´s something like ”I prefer to bargain my life and precious energy away just to escape my not knowing how to live and respond to the immediate challenge of life. I give you my everything in order to get away from myself.

What you say is true. Also I think that (perhaps even most people) never delve that deeply into introspection as to how to best live. The follow the dictates of what “success” means in the general consensus of society and hope they can do what it takes to be successful in society, which usually amounts to material success, the outer trappings of a well-lived life. The creative, intellectual and spiritual side is lost to most people. They don’t see it as relevant or important enough. They are content with the surface of things. If they can keep up their “life style” and others do not interfere with that they are happy and if they are not happy they get an addiction of some kind to make them feel better in the short-term. Organized religion plays to this empty feeling as well and offers all kinds of feel-good thought forms.

What though, is the greater potential? Do we have one? And how best would it be put onto an evolutionary track?

I love your way of thinking, you are one of the few, very few I have met who have such courage.

I´ve always spoken out my truth, but I hardly received any resonance feeling many times that I might be totally “wrong”, that I somehow deceived myself unbeknownst.

It´s been a hell of a journey up to this point. Dante had Virgil, Odysseus had his crew…most people have someone…I had no one to guide me, someone beside me throughout these years of wondering in the underworld to tell me if I´m right or totally self-deluded.

So Word and Reflection have been my only tools to survive in these really “outlandish”
regions of being.

Now since few days, I am coming out of this Inferno and these my insights and my “way of thinking” have been the very shield against these atrociously dark and blind forces.

To use Wisdom as a key out of Hell…Yes…Wisdom is healing and restoring me…

Indeed, courage was for me a matter of survival – nothing more or less.

So, I said all this to give you a hint as to the gratefulness I feel reading your last words
in your comment:

“I love your way of thinking, you are one of the few, very few I have met who
such courage.”

I bow and say Thank You.

We meet our destiny on the road we take to avoid it

 ~ Carl Gustav Jung

Il nostro destino

I found this beautiful quote in Jennifer Allison´s today´s post:

“Non abbiate paura, il nostro destino
Non può essere presa da noi, è un dono “.
– Dante Alighieri, Inferno

“Do not be afraid; our fate
Cannot be taken from us; it is a gift.”

I really wonder though…

What do you do the times when Destiny feels like pure hell…?
You are irrevocably caught in its whims, and these “whims” are so incredibly precise…

I speak from own experience:

No matter if immense hardships can show in due time to be a blessing in
disguise… – Can we still see Destiny´s dark side as a gift…?

Is our life a series of arbitrary coincidences, or what…?

I wrote a post yesterday about whether or not we can change our Fate. I feel the urge to elaborate my question:

Oftentimes, you try things out, you do your best, you read and study hard, you prepare yourself, and no matter how diligently you behave, indeed, despite the great effort,
good-will and hard toil you put into things, nothing seems to work really.
And that – if anything – makes you terribly frustrated…Stuck…Whatever you plan, fails…

Somehow unexpected things come in between to sabotage you, like weird patterns repeating themselves with obsessive precision, in a way which is totally beyond your comprehension or control.

Others don´t move a finger and things happen to them easily…

Sometimes you have the feeling that life is governed by some kind of arbitrary forces
that you have no control over…

What do you think?

Can we somehow change the course of these forces?.