I want to know what to look for

…he said. He went on:

“I want to understand. What to look for, what should I look for, and will I know when I find it? And most importantly – will I ever find it?”

I found his questions worthwhile and commented:

Is there a way leading to “Knowledge”? And if there is, can we look for it, can we discern it? Is knowledge discernible? Can we ever know something with precise certainty? Why is it so important “to know”…? When we want to understand – quite obvious – we don´t understand now…Why don´t we understand?… Do we really want to understand?… Because if we really wanted we would.

The thing is that we mostly don´t like to take the trouble to understand and so we search for control, for different certainties in order to allay our worries and concerns. So, in reality we see Knowledge as possession, a means to feel safe, and the search for safety means raising even more impenetrable walls around us.

So what is it really we look for? I look for something when I don´t have that particular thing now, pretty logic, right…?. But at the end of the day, what makes that “particular” thing so valuable…? Why do we think that value is something to be found in the future…?

What about taking a break from looking – at least for a little while. If you really wanna know and understand, learn to watch everything with no specific motive. Now…
Learn to follow whatever brings the moment, and in that inner freedom something happens. When you heed the moment, you may hear something… – a sudden intuition, a feeling, a subtle whisper…

Stop searching for a while and…listen! When you come down and listen – you will know…

Have you ever wondered?

… you find yourself uttering certain truths nobody is interested to hear… At the end of the day, there is an incredible lack of discernment…- fools are taken for geniuses, and solid , authentic talents are kept in isolation. Have you ever wondered? What are people interested in, except their narcissism?