Life is short, my laziness long

Although they constantly complain, many find it convenient to live in chaos and disorder. They´d rather live in whatever evil conditions than make use of their intelligence. Too damn difficult – everything has to be easy, unequivocally simplistic and without nuances, easily digestible, idiotically reducible, petty and witless.

You almost hear what they think:

“Why complicate and get stuck in a broader perspective? It suits me the way it is: I prefer to be led, manipulated, humiliated, robbed and violated instead of finding out WHO I AM – it takes too much effort…

LIFE IS SHORT, MY LAZINESS IS LONG, it is too damn hard to know myself.

How can I ever admit that I am exactly like those who I so badly criticize …? Besides,  if I had no one to criticize, who would I be…? How would I live without being a victim, who could I blame for living like a loser …?”