Masters of dissimulation

It happens sometimes that you come across someone friendly who shares your interest to grow, to build a meaningful contact, maybe a friendship.

This person may show intelligence, even talent, he can have valuable insights. He can write, he can listen. He seems interested to investigate in that particular field, he can even come up with relevant feed back, to cut it short, you seem to have reached a consensus, when bum!… – out of the blue you understand that the words of this person meant absolutely nothing. That the whole discussion was phony, that you have given precious time to an unsound and reckless sham who has misused your time and your trust, and there you are again…left alone, suspended in disappointment, in the hollowness of his mendacity.

These impostors are more dangerous than any con-man:

They are shrewd and can flawlessly display a wide range of great qualities: talent, deep emotion, subtlety, empathy, yes, even love…Even for the experienced eye, it can all seem true and real…indeed, their ability to deceive and fool anyone is mind-boggling…

Pray to the Universe that you don´t bump into such frauds. Or if you do, to learn to outwit them – which almost requires otherworldly acuity.