We were never separated – we are one single Thought away

What is the root of dualism?

Who created this seemingly insurmountable schism?

I’m wondering. What if there is no difference between (what we call) life and (what we call) death? What if there aren’t two ‘things’? Why don’t we say things like, “This day I set before you birth and life, chose birth.”?

What if it’s not about consequence? Or not even about sequence? [The root of this word takes invented time as a given. I do not.]

Seriously. I don’t want to morph this into a religious inquiry or discussion. But maybe somebody can help me here. Heck, let’s posit THE Creator…and just for the sake of discussion, let’s call it-him-her (capital G) God (it seems like a lot of people do, so I’ll go with that).

From just about everything I’ve EVER heard from the Creator-God People, there was “nothing”…then God spoke. As the direct result of this speaking, the world as we know it came into being. Here’s where I have a problem. If there was nothing, then God made ‘everything’, isn’t everything God? And if not, then from where did the stuff that is not-God come?

– “Thought is psychological Time which keeps us away from the Divine.” — JM

I THINK I understand what you’re saying about thought here. And I think I concur . . . kind of.

How can it be possible to be a part of an Incomprehensible Vastness of Being and be separated from it.

And how is it that WE create anything? Don’t we just twist what already is?

I don’t think it is possible to be kept away from the Divine.

But maybe that’s what I get for thinking.

Thanks. And please set me straight.

Before I venture to give some kind of answer, I want to make it clear that I am not indulging in vapid and arbitrary speculation, even if what I am going to say may seem nonsensical.

I am only interested in things which bring a real benefit, something with a DIRECT BEARING in real life. Something which sheds some light AS TO WHO WE TRULY ARE in a “meta-historical” perspective. I claim that only this kind of thorough “metaphysical” understanding as to the mechanics of Life, can free us from Illusion.

What is the root of dualism?

Who created this seemingly insurmountable schism?

Let´s take it this way:

Does anything as such ultimately exist? Is this world and our existence in it real?…

What if Creation as we know it in this dimension never took place…- but eventually it´s some kind of will-o´-the-wisp that each of one secretly creates?

Has God the Almighty ever created this world? The baffling answer is No.
Love can not create its opposite. Love has never created duality, nor any schism.
Why should it, after all…?

Once, eons “ago”, as we were all part of the blissful One, one fearful thought occurred within God´s mind:

“What if…?”

What if it all could be `different´ ?

This very thought triggered instantly the beginning of it all. Big Bang – the beginning of Separation. Of light and darkness. Fear and Love. In short – Duality.

So a “difference” can exist only inside the idea of duality, quite obvious. If there was no duality, there wouldn´t be a definite “you” or “me”. There would be no sequence or consequence either. No Creator and not anything “created”.

It´s funny, but there is only God, and what separates us from “him” or “her” IS IN ACTUAL FACT – A THOUGHT.

A thought which we take for real and that we maintain in every second. An insane thought
which dreams itself superior than the Creator, which competes and challenges Him, which in its striking arrogance believes it can create another “more real” REALITY than God´s…:)

Can you see this clearly?…

Look around you. What are people ultimately trying to achieve? A projection of this Initial Thought in every thinkable and unthinkable way:

“I am someone special, I am creating myself, my future, a position – I compete, I struggle hard with anyone for what is “mine” – my family, my kids, my country. Mine, mine, mine.”

This underlying Thought is pure insanity as it is not capable to outwit God, but in order to show its “supremacy” creates exactly what God is not: sickness, aggression, lack, war, chaos, disaster, calamities…- you name it.

This Thought is the so-called Ego. It is Separation. Fear. Guilt. Punishment. Suffering.

Now it´s easily understandable that Ego in its lunacy considers thus failure in all
variations – sickness, loss, crime, suffering, calamity of all kinds -, as his greatest success.
He tries hard to enact what God is not…

Can it be so immensely simple and yet unfathomable?…YES. This is the whole deal.

Now you understand that we are just one Thought away from True Life.

But don´t underestimate this Thought…It kills you if you question its “supremacy”.
It does everything to deny its agenda. This “thought” is what usually goes for Satan.
The Demiurge.

Yet, the truth is that this Ego-thought is nothing but a Cosmic Fraud, an existential misconception, an impotent echo of what God is. It is a no one in the true scheme of eternity.

This Thought of Separation has created Time, Distance, birth and death, “you” and “me”..

In reality there has never been any cleavage, but everything is Joy, Love and
Glory. Life in its mighty bliss – the Light of all lights.

If you manage to see through and let go of this Thought, – which must be said, is a frightening combat, consisting of unimaginable and uncanny trials – The Initial Light will shine in all its Splendor now.

In that light and presence, nothing needs be done, as everything is “done”, because being It you are perfect and complete.

Union with the Uncreated – healing from Thought and Separation

This is a very interesting dialogue between Michael. K. Marsh and me.

We must get away from the idea that death is God’s punishment. Death is a consequence of being created. The created as opposed to the un-created has a beginning and an end.

The healing of this condition is union with the uncreated. We do not have life in and of ourselves. To turn away from the work of union with the divine/uncreated is sin. Thus the wages of sin is death.

I think this fits with scripture and tradition about the two ways: life and death. Both are always before us.

I think there is a fear of death in human beings. It is a driver in our lives, the choices we make, the priorities we establish. The problem is we often deal with that fear through substitute gratifications. We settle for relief rather than healing.

The degree to which we are afraid of death is also the degree to which we are afraid to truly live.

The paradox is that to live we must die. I think it is the Sufis who say, “Die before you die.” I think this is what Jesus was getting at when he said, “Deny yourself, take up your cross, and follow me.” It is the invitation to life, through union/thesis.

Living becomes an interior transformation which leaves us in the present moment. The present is the fullness of life, it is where the divine is located, it can become eternal. Too often we live in the past – “If only…,” regrets, wounds, resentment – or in a future we do not yet have. Both of those it seems to me are places of death.

God’s deepest longing is that we would live and live fully. St. Irenaeus said something like, “The glory of God is a many fully alive.”
I wonder sometimes if we have forgotten or confused what it is to be fully alive. I think there were be profound freedom in this – not autonomy to choose to do what every I want – but freedom to be, to be real, authentic, true – and in so doing to discover and know my own holiness and the original beauty of my creation. When we can see this in ourselves then we can see it in others.

I have to tell you that you have such a poignant and winsome way of writing. I feel the Silence, and the echo of your deep insights between your words.

There is both elegance but unsophisticated humbleness in your wording.

Yes, this is perfectly put:

Healing is Union with the Uncreated.

What is created is mostly under the supremacy of Fear. Hence, most people settle for relief, as, to reach Union you have to go through the hell of Separation, which means wrestling with Fear – an inhuman undertaking. Few – if any – have the courage to directly confront this daunting demon – as fear is a demon after all – take the battle, and not flee.

I love the way you put it:

“Too often we live in the past – `If only´…,”regrets, wounds, resentment – or in a future we do not yet have. Both of those it seems to me are places of death.”

Presence is well guarded by Fear.To come out alive from these places of Death requires great boldness and determination. To die before you die is the greatest challenge for anyone – that is, to give up the false ego. The ego is the outcome of Time, of Thought…indeed the “me” identity which is so treacherously opposed to God…- to who we really are…

I have these days won incredible battles. And these battles have taken place on these invisible levels – which are incredibly “real”. In fact, more real than the “real”. To give up the thought-made identity…I tell you… – it is not less than a heroic act of courage as I come to understand that Thought is the total antinomy of Life…Thought is the greatest barrier to know God, in fact, ultimately speaking, I see thinking as the worst disease invented by man, in order to defend himself from Life.

Thought, which is psychological Time, keeps us away from the Divine.

Thought can never be free. As long as we reinforce thinking, we choose thus to be unfree.

If we are to be real, authentic, true – and thus to discover and know our own holiness and the original beauty of creation, we have to give up “mine” – that is, the false “I-identity” which is built on thought! Thought is “my will” as radically opposed to the will of the Creator.

Thought breeds and perpetrates Separation. 

First when we are relieved from the curse of thinking, can we see the purity in ourselves as well as in others.


Godless Science and Organized Religion have crushed man´s soul

I am, what may be considered, a mystic.

If you are not acquainted with what mysticism is about, a mystic is essentially a person who has a direct understanding beyond the normally man-invented religions. Mysticism is the conscious awareness of the ultimate reality, divinity, or God, through direct experience, intuition, instinct or insight.

I was raised in the Christian Orthodox faith. But I don´t take this or any other creed for granted. I question every religious allegiance.

I definitely don´t ascribe any meaning to any dogma – the exoteric sense of every religion
is to me totally futile.

Now…I have pondered deeply over all these years.

I believe in Christ but not in Christianity. Intuitively I would totally discard this faith if it wasn´t for certain mystics like Meister Eckhart, Teresa of Avila or John of the Cross.

I am rather intimate with their writings and have found
meaningful answers in their words.

But throughout all these years, in the worst moments of crisis, none of them have been
of any real avail.
I had to face darkness on my own. The Christian precepts couldn´t save me. Only Zen, and above all Krishnamurti, have been my trustworthy companions in this dark night of the soul which – imagine – has been going on since I was 21.

First now, at 50, I am slowly coming out of it.

However, when I think of the Cathedral in Chartres, or, for that matter, other magnificent achievements in art or music in Europe ever since, I cannot possibly dismiss the very fact that the great spiritual legacy of Europe has directly derived from the Christian faith.

Undeniably, Europe and its culture is directly connected with Christianity.

Yet Christianity – I mean the very breath of it – is dead. Had it been alive, I wouldn´t have encountered this harsh darkness in my soul all these years.

Despite living in the “modern world”, never renouncing it, I somehow lived like a recluse, and God knows how I made it through. As I said, there was no one there to guide me.

Now, Faith is nothing you word about. It is a vivid breath, an ineffable emanation of sorts.
A presence…

And here I come to what I want to point out:

I saw this documentary about a Russian woman living by herself in the wilderness of Siberia. It is overwhelming: her simplicity, her strength and endurance, her otherworldly smile, depth and wisdom…Really, it was staggering, I have never somehow seen this kind of Light anywhere…except maybe in certain paintings of the grand masters.

To quote her: “The godless science which has crushed man´s soul“…

She is a vivid evidence that Christianity, beyond its dogmatic flaws, is not
some kind of superstitious concoct, but something very “real”.

And it is here that I come to bluntly disagree with Krishnamurti who claims that man has invented churches, rituals and gods, as being nonsense.

The deep essence of Christianity is indeed no figment of some deluded minds, even if,
more often than not, it appears to be that way.

The most difficult task is to dig so deep back to the sources, into its primordial “breath” without turning into a hermit.
Living in the world, but not being of this world… – inhumanly precarious predicament.


For the ones interested to watch the documentary:


Divine suspension

Just you and this discontinuous second… – the only thing existing.

In this unutterable second, there is nothing to remember, nothing to approach.
All there is, is Now. Just know:
Fear exists in your remembrance only – when you dare to forget, you naturally forgive both the future and your past.

When you forget you see the innocence in you and in the other. The other begins to see through the eyes of your own innocence. Only Fear is defensive through attack. That´s what fear is – attack! Innocence absolves and forgives without thought. The innocent You is defenceless as It´s free.

So forget, forgive, and set free.

Randomly scaterred or a divine plan

This article is written by Sarah-Jane Grace.

For many fellow travellers riding the waves of shift and change, this seems to be a time of disquiet and uncertainty, confusion and angst. There is a sense of the blurring of boundaries and the merging of consciousness between different levels of awareness, and this is creating feelings of disconnection from both the Self and the Whole. Discord is emerging from within, creating storylines and patterns that feel incongruent and overwhelming, and despite intuitively sensing the ‘bigger picture’, it is hard not to feel isolated and alone, cut off and disconnected.

Emotions begin to surface from anger to ecstasy, but they have no clear source or direction. They can be present one moment and gone the next, and the roller coaster can twist and turn in a flash. Trying to understand such shifts is understandable, but it can make the confusion even more intense as there seems to be little logic to the situation.

For some, this discord has been so intense that they feel ripped apart or torn in two; yet, we all remain open to the process, for intuitively we understand that this is the path of awakening. For those amongst us who are finding the journey too unsettling there are many questions surfacing in connection to what happens next and also to whether or not it might be wise to take a step backwards and step free from the chaos.

Stepping backwards is quite tempting, but how can we switch off being more awakened and more conscious? How can we forget? At the same time, stepping backwards suggests two things: firstly, moving against the flow, which although sometimes wise and necessary, can ultimately take us even further off course. Secondly, is moving backwards towards the sleeping flock really going to bring us peace, respite and balance? Will it not just leave us feeling more disconnected and alone as we cannot truly be a sheep for we have touched life as tigers? We should also consider that by choosing to step backwards, we may simply have to go through the whole process again…

Finding a way through the confusion and going with the intensity and fractious shifts seems to be the only path. We need to lean into the confusion in order to touch the stillness and the peace that lies deep within.

There is no denying that for many souls, this time of change is hard to bear. So much is happening on so many different levels, that it is all too easily to feel lost and fractured, scattered across different levels of awareness, and different realities or dimensions. Yet, it is important to find a way to ride this storm in order to re-focus on the Truth of our Divinity and our magnificence.

It seems important now to strip back the layers upon layers that have build up over time in order to find our own unique pathway to the Divine (and to Self). We are all unique, and yet we often follow the flock trying to find the answers or the solution to bring us to that much desired state of being: enlightenment. However, it seems clear that the only way through this is to go within and to find our own pathway to Divinity.

It is so easy to get lost in the storylines of spirituality as we seek clarity and we can become tied up in knots as we try to rationalise, understand and analyse every twist and turn. This is innately human of course, but there is a sense that the harder we struggle, the tighter the knots become. In order to merge and come together into a beautiful and majestic Whole, we need to strip back the layers and realise the simplicity of our Divinity; it isn’t complicated and it doesn’t have to tear us apart.

As the storylines, twists and turns continue, we may feel light-headed with the spin and pace of shift; we may also feel torn in two at times, confused, alone and uncertain of everything. Yet, when we pause for a moment and step beyond it all, we re-connect to the power within which can bring us strength, perseverance, determination, focus and wisdom.

So, when the waves become nauseatingly rough and choppy, we need to travel down to our core. If we can see ourselves with firm anchors resting peacefully on the sea floor vaguely aware of, but blissfully untouched by, the turbulence above, we can begin to re-centre and re-merge allowing those feelings of fracture to heal as we finally find completeness within…

You are encouraged to share articles as long as copyright and contact information are always included. Thank you for your courtesy. Sarah-Jane Grace