Do we need to lie to ourselves in order to be happy?

Man needs a dream, to put up with reality.” – Sigmund Freud”
Quite true, isn´t it?

Let´s replace “dream” with “lie”!

It may sound cynical, but just as everyone escapes reality seeking refuge in a dream – in an ideal with other words, which is a sham ultimately – reality has become unbearable.

No matter if Freud, or anyone else has said this – Woody Allen claims for instance that the only way to be happy is to lie to yourself – doesn´t make this statement less insidious.

To “put up with reality” means living in a perpetual distance to life, resisting what is, resisting yourself.

How can life be “easy” if we live in constant distance and resistance to It?
We deny this present moment for an uncertain dream – that´s what we ceaselessly do.

Eventually, resisting yourself means that you don´t want to know who you are – which is the case with most people.

What is reality?… It is our perception of everything that surrounds us, something filtered through our emotions, sensations, way of thinking. Do we understand it correctly or distort it? – this is the problem.

“Reality” is undoubtedly our projection, which is usually unconscious. That is, conditioned and distorted. Distorted, because our fragmented perception can never understand the whole. Who is the fragment? The “I” of course, in its intrinsic nature.


So…either we ignore the wound or treat it…

Ignoring the wound means collective suicide.

Anything but easy task: to treat the separate ego of its madness.

However, if a few individuals understand the seriousness of this, and start “healing” – that is, having the courage to see the problem as such – then and only then can Change occur.