There is no learning as long as there is distinction

There really is a grain of reality based truth in the supposition of being aware of each moment in our lives (be here now) and not just letting it like grains of sand fall thru our grasp. I do know, before you throw your laptop thru the window at that response, that you ‘rather wickedly’ challenge us to recognize and acknowledge at all times and therefore ask, rather than tell, us to do the same. Hence – in your own way – you too are saying “be here now”,

Writing to you in this very moment – something which I obviously do – is Zen. With other words, I am totally engaged in this very act.

The moment I state that “Julien is writing to Stephen”, I am indulging in a huge untruth. Nota bene, I said “untruth” and not “lie”.

Why untruth?…

Cause as long as I state that I do whatever thing – cooking, playing the piano, flirting with a girl, or God knows what – I am already separating myself from that very experience. Can you see that?

This is not a supposition: To be aware, may mean exactly it: to let it all pass thru our grasp like grains of sand. I am not only I, but also the sand, likewise the passing thru…

In this way, when I am aware, I simply am aware of the totality of the whole process. With other words, Awareness is also aware of me. An unbroken dialogue of sorts…

Awareness is equal with Now, irrefutably so….The real problem begins when I say to anyone “Be aware!”….

If I do that – saying “be here” – not only that I separate you from the chance of being aware, but also divorce myself from the pervasive Truth. To paraphrase the Chinese, the Truth which is uttered, is no longer a truth. The Tao which can be named, is no longer Tao…

So of course…I may say the same thing.

But I wouldn´t dream of doing it, as I would break the tacit dialogue.

So instead, I will rather intimate it…;)