The one who loves you

…awakens always your sense of self-trust.

The one who claims to love but in fact disrespects you,
will never allow you to shine and feel at ease, but will
constantly remind you of your shortcomings, enhancing your doubts.

Get rid of those “friends” who aim to damage your sane self-image,
intending solely to outshine you.

The Inner Voice Talking Aloud

Isn´t about time to stop limiting yourself and others, to show and express
who you really are, to allow, approve of and release your true greatness?

To let your inner Joy and yearning shine upon you?


Enough with parsimony and mediocrity.

Enough with hiding. Enough with doubts. Enough of listening to
the insignificant voice of the ego.


Let this Ego go. Let Fear go.

You are the gift of this mighty Universe.

Be bold, be your true dream. Infinite power is at your disposal. Know that.


You are this infinite Creation longing for itself through you.

It´s about time for you to be You:


Let´s express ourselves, let´s make mistakes

So many people are afraid to express themselves because they feel they will make a mistake.  At the end of the day, we are all one big mistake…

Can’t we all accept one another as we are…?

All these doubts are created by the culture we live in, which destroys the freshness and beauty of each of us.