Never ever settle for accepting straight facts

Intriguing synchronicities have unfolded these last days.

Apparently, when something powerful is felt and expressed, that insight kind of affects the whole field of consciousness, and the ones on the same frequency pick it up.

Tonight, while quoting Jacob Barnett In order to succeed, you must look at everything with your unique perspective, and not settle for accepting the straight facts, concomitantly I received a text message from a composer friend of mine who has suffered all his adult life due to bad teachers at the Music Academy who spoiled his natural confidence and choked his inner voice. Really, I was really taken aback reading his line:

If most of the people have similar backgrounds of experience, what will become of the uniqueness of each and everyone?”

As it happens, the answer was at hand for him.

To be mentioned that I have known this guy for the last 30 years, and as long as I remember, he never before used the word “uniqueness”, let alone asking a similar question.

We speak very rarely these days – every second month or so…
Why did he “choose” that very moment for his question…?

This is quite staggering, to say the least…

The Problem behind all problems

We are hypnotized by our present problems.

But behind every problem there is always another problem.

Problem behind problem behind problem.


Questioning and confronting one´s own negativity is the beginning of a true life

I can´t help being honest and direct, although I have constantly paid a high price for that. But it´s been worth…You can´t have real dignity unless you have the guts to call things by their real name.

Negativity always claims to be right…that is the greatest problem. Argument is often used as a means to project and escape from the real issue.

Secretly people love their negativity. They love drama. And in most cases, they don´t want to be lonely in their play – they skillfully attract you into their drama, in order to punish and put the blame on you for their mischance and inner misery.

Very astute… so many people don’t see that. I’ve always abhorred hypocrisy and people who are ‘two faced’. I’m direct, too, and I’ve been in situations where people can’t deal with my ‘honesty’ ‘cos I won’t play their ‘game’… I’d rather have a few good friends who I can say anything to, than a crowd of acquaintances that I have to ‘change with the wind’ for! I try to stay away from negative people, they just sap all your energy! :-)

Of course, when you no longer play “their game” they get angry at you. And that because they cannot steal and suck your energy any longer…they can´t further project their drama on you…

Now, this Janus complex – the two-faced God – is a very complicated thing…
People are often masters of hiding their two-faced identity. Despite my great intuition I have many times been horribly defrauded…

What is though vitally important to know is this:

We – you, me, next person – have to have the courage of confronting OUR OWN HYPOCRISY,
that is, our own “two-faced-ness”…
To be able to see, question, and confront one´s own negativity which is often hiding from our daily perception, is the beginning of a true and sound life..

Every moment is a drama

A guy I know once said: “Every single moment from the time you are born till the very moment you die is a drama. GOD DAMN IT, EVERY MOMENT IS A DRAMA.”

I must cofess that when he uttered those words, I was kind of shocked. I felt instinctively that he expressed a great truth, something that I was not really prepared to admit. I have pondered on his words ever since.

Every second is indeed a problem. All our problems can be reduced to a single
problem: WE. Yes, we… – you and me as egos. As loose and separate egos.

Ego… it´s very intrinsic nature is problematic …

There is a collective Ego, meaning that other people’s problems are indeed your and my
problems as well.

If others had no issues we wouldn´t have any either…Accordingly, if you and me had no issues, other people would be free. There is no doubt about this as I experience this more and more. So the question is:

Is there a problem beyond me?… Can I completely and unreservedly stay with this truth, see and realize this very moment that I am the problem, that Ego – in me or in others – is the problem?

As I said, the innermost nature of Ego is conflict. Consider this: Ego is a chain of conflicts, ego is that very interval between a conflict and another. Can you see this? That interval between two conflicts is Thought. Thought creates Time, and Time is in its turn, the outgrowth of that very inner conflict. You all know that: Time is suffering. Time is our attempt to escape the Problem, our ongoing Drama…now.

This is maybe hard to comprehend: The second between two thoughts, – NOW – is Reality beyond Drama – immeasurable happiness. Don´t try to grasp this mentally just observe:
When there is no thought, no time – that is, the interval between a conflict and another – surely, when there is no entity trying to solve the problem – Life –  in this realization is the end of Ego, the end of drama and all problems.

The thief and the stolen

If you flee the truth, don´t blame another one for mirroring back your lies.

Where there is good, it´s not for me, where there is bad, here I come…

It is really scary, but conflict is inherent in Ego´s condition: It loves problems, confusion and senseless suffering. Its success is invariable failing.

It is quite an absurd thing to say, but the more I observe different people´s destinies, the more it seems to me that failing is almost a conscious choice with many. Of course, no one will ever admit that “Yes, I want to fail”, but that´s what happens mostly.

The best way to witness this “defect” in human nature is by watching the intimate relations people usually have. People who have nothing to do with each other date, become partners, make families, and bring their offsprings to this world.

Instead of choosing someone appropriate, it appears that many choose partners in order to punish or let themselves be punished by. Reciprocal punishment and imparity is usually called Love.
It is unbelievable to watch this phenomenon:

A woman I know confessed that “My former husband was a dork but he gave me three nice kids”. God damn it, I said, if you knew he was a dork, why did you marry him?…She shrugged her shoulders. When I heard about the later destinies of those “nice kids”, you felt like crying…How can those “kids” be normal out of two wrecks…?

Another lady friend of mine, instead of marrying the man she loved “you know, he was an artist” she picked up a wealthy guy instead. Needless to say they have never had a genuine relation, and after 25 years of reciprocal hell, they´re still “together” – they´ve totally spoiled each other´s life. Their kids although nice are terribly traumatized, have a hard time to find a way in life. One of their sons just married a woman he has nothing in common with. He repeats the same trauma, trying to mend his mother´s conflict…So the same old story goes on and on and on…For the record, my lady friend got together with her artist after 25 years but is still “married”. The artist never wanted to get involved with any other woman, so he missed the whole point with his life too…

WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF ALL THIS INSIDIOUS DRAMAS, can someone enlighten me…? It is horrendously pathetic and absurd.

Tonight as I sat at my coffee place a young girl sat next to me, almost chatting me up.
“I don´t choose men I am attracted to, I choose protection” she confessed. She was expecting her boyfriend. When he came, he didn´t even see her, although he was just a meter away from our table. She repeatedly called his name, till he finally heard. She admitted just before he showed up:
“I would like a man like you, but you are too much like myself”.
What she meant was – I don´t want to be happy with someone like me, I need to be unhappy and have a hard time, in order to have something to do…

Women fall for dorks, and men for bitches.
I know some very nice and decent young good-looking girls, they have a hard time finding a boyfriend as – of course – men want to be punished by sluts…
Yes my friends, that´s the ego: instead of choosing Love,
it chooses trouble. Of course, for many, harmony and stability is boring, ego needs noise and restlessness, drama, false relations, affliction…It is always attracted to people who are evil, not to those ones they could love…

As my grandmother used to joke about people: where there is good, it´s not for me, where there is bad, here I come…

A thought for today

When you are totally aware of this present moment, you can´t ever possibly feel unhappy or depressed. It sort of means that both unhappiness and depression have to do with memory.

Our culture is build on memory. Unfulfillment means memory, every drama is memory as well.

Is there a drama in this very moment as you read this?

Imagine if there was no remebrance to remember…? Just presence…No “there and then” only here and now…

Says C. G. Jung

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it Fate.

The estranged master

His hands are free, susceptible, gracefully playful, expressing, somehow telling a soothing, yet odd but amusing story…Seeing his hands, you can almost here sweet but inaudible music, childish reticence, silence, brusque suspension, and so much elegant, timid tenderness…

It is really that strange… – you can talk to his hands, they are open and unreserved, curious and hospitable, vulnerable and receptive…

What a sorrowful mystery – his fingers are queerly searching for something, as if drawing a dream… Yes… his hands have their own life, while the master himself is afraid…

He can not hear his own story…- he is a stranger to his hands…

Says Melanie

If you have a “good” job, you need so many hobbies to be able to tolerate your working life!