What do we pay for really…?

Humans are the only species that has to pay to live on Earth.  But who are we paying?Honestly, I am calling into question the power structures that have been in existence for centuries because I find them to be absolutely ludicrous!

Why on EARTH (pun intended) should we, everyday humans, PAY to EXIST?!?

Very good point.
Indeed, most people never question this fact,
but do we need to pay in order to exist?…
Utterly speaking, what is the act of paying about…?
What does it entail, Who is paying who…and for what?
And again…- WHY?…

Is our breath expensive…?
What about our Being Alive…?

Water in the desert is surely expensive.
For the drowning man, water has no longer
such a high price…or does it?…
Or maybe we can both drown and pay.

I just find this so troubling, and yes you are right in asking these
questions which I have asked myself.

I will quote Raj Patel in saying:

“People know the cost of everything, but the VALUE of nothing.”

What do you think?

Again, how do we value our breath, or a sip of water when really thirsty?
How much does this moment cost…? Are these words of mine “expensive” or “cheap”?…
What price shall we put on this very dialogue?

How can people ever know the value of anything if they never allow themselves to really
live…and do anything which really counts?…

Value derives from motivation, and motivation is Being Alive.

Let´s celebrate this Alive-ness!






Togetherness and a new definition of Love

She says:
“I hear, I know, I just don’t know what next step, just now… Only now.”

It is great to hear that YOU HEAR. Mindful listening is real knowledge. I don´t know either what the next step is.

What I know is that it´s vital to keep the flame of communication alive. Change will happen due to this our readiness to acknowledge and back one another.

To reciprocate each other – to have that distinct blissful sense of being given back to oneself. Listening attentively to each other, heeding each other, share… In that mutual interest and trust a New Inspiration and New Implementable Ideas may blossom.

Isn´t this the most wonderful definition of love? I give yourself back to yourself. You give myself back to myself. We give ourselves back to ourselves. What a great joyful mystery! We grow through our readiness to see “the other”, to see each other through the eyes of Love not through fear and prejudice.

Who are you in the other´s nearness? Who do you become in that encounter…?
Don´t be afraid!

Just know: the other is not a threat, the other is your unknown potential he or she awakes in you.
So don´t avoid “the other”, cause you´re avoiding you.

Interesting article

This is written by Selacia.

It may sometimes feel like you have been waiting a long time for the new Earth based on love. In reality, though, no waiting is involved when you are on your active path of ascension. This means being present and taking steps based on conscious awareness.

Indeed, as you apply consciousness to your choices, you have a tool for raising your frequency and helping the Earth at the same time. That’s because you are integrally connected to humanity and the planet – as your energy vibration rises, you uplift the whole.

What is happening now is that people like you all across the world are waking up and becoming conscious of how energy works. You are learning about the impact of your thoughts on what you manifest. You are discovering how to be more present and actively engaged with the world.


Each time you choose the higher path of spirit and refuse to participate in meanness, you are shifting your frequency higher. Each time you feel angry and process your anger rather than acting on it, you create more light on the planet. These things may seem simple or small when you ponder the dire state of the world – but they are incredibly powerful!

Because of the challenges of these times, you may sometimes feel powerless. You may feel frustrated, too, unable to keep promises you made to yourself to be kind and loving, no matter what. Yes, it is hard and since you are a work in progress, you will sometimes fall short of your best intentions. Sometimes, too, it can feel like you have no choice or no voice in what happens next.

When you feel like this, remember your role as a divine changemaker – a role that you were encoded to play long before you were born. In this role, you connect with your power of conscious choice, actively deciding how you will respond to life, every minute of every day. You do this in a continuum, having no start and no end.

You instinctively know that despite ongoing challenges and a growing list of questions you cannot answer, you are not less powerful now – you are remembering your true empowerment. As you connect with your empowered divine changemaker self, you meet your challenges directly, one by one.

Be kind to yourself as you navigate the current chaos. Let go of self-criticism and concerns about what might happen next. Your path now is step-by-step, doing your best and keeping your focus positive.


Complaining and blaming will lower your frequency quickly – causing your view of circumstances to be distorted. If you get off track like this, remember your power to change the channel of thoughts inside your own head.

The world you live in changes as you change your focus. This happens one person at a time. When you remember that you are that one person, who can change his or her view in the moment – and you choose the light-filled view over negativity – you do your part in creating a more loving world.

How can we bring about a real change within?

This is the huge paradox:

Innumerable books about spirituality have been written lately. Yet, to no avail really. All these books, haven´t had the right impact to penetrate in-depth and bring about a REAL CHANGE IN OUR COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS, it´s a fact.

Yes, let´s face it, all this enormous book-writing has failed.