An answer to Tom

He says:

You have such a clear sense of what I’m seeking to do in the work.


You mirror me and I mirror you. I give you back what you give.
In this considerate reciprocity, we kind of build a strong sense of “WE” where each “I” can unfold freely.

Indeed, I am so glad in two ways:

First, for serving you back what you give, and for the second,
that you confirm that I see through things clearly – indeed I made the right ”guess”.

I have this uncommon ability to grasp things intuitively, which is in fact my most valuable asset – and even if I´m sometimes “wrong”, I seem to be able to read behind the lines with sharp precission…

Generosity is not obvious in a competition oriented society. More often than not, people are rather stingy when it comes to giving right feed back – at least, in my experience.

As for me, when I encounter quality, I rejoice. It means that I have something to learn.

You see, I am a big egoist: I want people to be happy.
Cause if people around are happy, their happiness will benefit me as well.